All the things in my brain…

Wow have I been down and depressed. Kudos to my darling family for still loving me. But I think I got some of the remedy today because we didn’t go anywhere except out for breakfast. And a delicious breakfast, at that. Seriously, we have gone somewhere and had someone over every day off we have had together for probably the past two months. And I would trust that most of these readers know that our days off together are random and sometimes few. Work has been an environment of utter emotional stress. I needed a day to do laundry and putter. So I did. And it has been lovely.

The rest of the weekend was fun. Steve and I went up to Portland Friday night so that I could go to the book signing of Amanda Blake Soule, the author of the lovely blog, Soule Mama. The event was every bit as beautiful and perfect as it seems everything she does. I would have loved to leave with one of her framed quilts in my hands, but it was not in the cards or in the wallet. I did leave with her book and I love it. Steve and I went to Fuji for some sushi for dinner. I have learned that NO Ginger Martinis are a better bet for me than 2. The sushi and everything else was awesome, however.

Saturday involved a Target trip-always a treat, a birthday party and dinner at a friend’s house. A dinner which involved the kids playing heartily and happily and Lorinda and I chatting uninterrupted for the most part. Hard to believe.

So as I sat down to write this post I have mulled many things over and over in my brain. I want to write about everything that has crossed my mind-every sad and depressing detail, but I am refraining because I think I have reached the point of letting it all go. I am ready to return to the land of the healthy and happy. I will no longer lumber along in sadness and doom. I am starting a new project, I am returning to the treadmill in the morning, and I will be soaking up every precious bit of this life with my husband and two beautiful girls.

glitter and pancakes


I am very happy to say HOWDY to as the girls call her, “MY great grandma Roe.” (There is a true possessive nature to their talk of her.) I love that you are reading, Grandma and I will promise to add more pics of my funny face-but only for you! 🙂


One thought on “All the things in my brain…

  1. What a manly fire-tamer you have!

    I hear you. You & I are definitely sharing some across-the-country rough times lately. There’s a lot I could complain about to but it’s better to not focus on that and aim to be positive. I’m going to check out that gal’s blog…

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