I hope you are ready for some cuteness and lots of it!

It was an Ella-centric weekend around here. Not to say that Molly didn’t have herself a grand time visiting with her cousin and the rest of the Nasons, but here in Maine it was all about the Ella.
Here she is all packed up and ready to go.

After dropping Molly off, Ella and I raced home to get ready for the Daddy/Daughter Dance. Big night-She was beautiful and Daddy couldn’t have been more handsome-quite a pair.
new dress



I have to say that Ella was a pretty good date-She seemed to spend equal time with her dad and her friends. Both were equally cute. As a member of the Daddy/Daughter Dance committee-membership has it’s privileges so I got to stay for the whole evening and spy. OF course I was also selling raffle tickets, handing out flowers and balloons-all a small price to pay.



bunny hop

Steve said he had to try and keep up with Ella as she got into bed so quickly and fell asleep even faster. Big day the next-sleep was necessary. Today we all got up minus Miss Moo, who we all missed greatly this morning. But we were sure she was having a great time in NH. The three of us got to have a yummy, leisurely breakfast at the Black Bean this morning. So yummy!

ella and steve

steve eyeing the bun

the bun

After our breakfast-we broke paths as both parties headed to Boston. Steve to work a basketball game, working with an old friend-Teddy Ballard. Just figured out today that the director of the Miami Heat Show-is none other—small small world, and Ella and I headed south to go see Annie at the Wang Theater. Fabulous show in a fabulous theater. Ella sat on the edge of her seat or on the edge of my seat the whole show. I got teary a couple times with the happiness of such a wonderful play with awesome music with an awesome daughter. What a day!

ella in the street


I just love this picture because it makes me realize how big she is getting. Gorgeous.

The ceiling is breathtaking!

Eleventh row seats=awesome!

Talked to dad today as I drove by the NH Liquor Store-Asked him if he wanted me to pick up some Bourbon-he replied, he must be sick because it didn’t sound good to him. But he asked me to do him a favor-“Don’t give up asking me!” he said. Done!

And you know what? “The Sun will come out—TOMORROW!” and it may even reach 60 degrees on TUESDAY! Spring is coming.


3 thoughts on “I hope you are ready for some cuteness and lots of it!

  1. the roe family says:

    fun- fun- fun!!!
    Ella you look beautiful! we can’t wait to hear all about it. And Steve, what an amazing memory to share with your daughter.

  2. Jen says:

    Great concept to spend the weekend with one kid. I like that. You guys are good parenting instructors. Ella must have been in heaven with all of your attention!

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