They don’t make snakes to scare people.

My dad is my hero.

These past three days have been the longest days.

My father and Holly’s love is beyond beautiful.  It has carried them across raging rivers and the highest mountains and I am blessed to be a witness to that.

I am comforted to know that my sister exists.  That to someone else my sarcasm and inappropriate humor makes sense and there is someone in California holding a  pat of cold butter over a toaster to heat it up.

Being a witness and present to scary things can be really amazing and life-affirming.

I will never be able to totally talk about or write about or express fully how things happened over the past days.  I have an amazing husband who never blinked when I said I was leaving only helped me figure out how to make it happen despite crazy hours and crazy kids.  My dad said to me today as I was saying good-bye, “Now when you get in the car, don’t start crying-you have to focus on driving-I worry about you.”  That is my dad.  I love him so.


4 thoughts on “They don’t make snakes to scare people.

  1. a-gnarly says:

    He is currently dosing in front of me in a chair. He says his heart feels much better. He is back to his feisty self, thats for sure. Mmmm…butter…..

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