How about a little cruxifiction to start the Easter holiday?

The girls and I were invited to a church Easter celebration by a friend. We, Nasons, have not yet found a church that we feel fully at home with. Steve and I have lots of thoughts and talks about spirituality and religion and these are not the focus of this post. I will refer you to Steve’s post about the subject-it will do a good job summing up our thoughts on that…

In an effort to expand a friendship, I agreed to join her family for this Easter Event. She had not attended the event before, but basically sold it to me saying there was a village set up with animals and crafts and then there is a play about Easter. A family affair. Instead, this event scared and upset even me. Let me just say that having my kids witness a “beggar” being flogged for stealing in the village is NOT my idea of a family event. I should have left then, but the lambs were making my kids happy, as well as time with people that we care about. Ella has had some education about Jesus. Her cousin informed her about the whole cross idea so we have talked about that. But let me clarify there is a big difference between the idea of the cross and actually seeing the event take place in front of your eyes. The events that transpired before our eyes horrified me. The “Easter Play” started with soldiers whipping and dragging prisoners down the aisle and then putting them on their crosses. We left after witnessing Jesus drag his cross down the aisle and then being put on the cross and dying. In Ella’s words, as we debriefed at bedtime-“that Cross thing-WOW-Scary.”

So I want to be clear-I have no problem with the telling of this historical, religious event. I am clear about the fact that Easter is a celebration of Jesus rising from the dead. I have also been to many church services in my life that have celebrated this fact-but I have never felt horrified, scared, or upset by these services. I guess I can not really understand the idea of the event being advertised as a family event. I don’t let my child witness those things on television, in books, or any other form-I would expect that in a church she wouldn’t have to witness those things, either. Church should not be scary!

Give me the sunrise service on the banks of Lake Ontario! Give me a church pew, sitting next to my dad singing hymns loud and joyfully! Give me breakfast with my family-finding Easter Eggs and enjoying a lazy sunny morning. That is what I want to celebrate and remember. I witness everyday how poorly we can treat each other. I am not ready for my daughter’s version of the world to change. Never in a million years did I expect a church service-to start that process.

But on a lighter note-two waring factions were found in a moment of cease-fire.
caught on tape

We are looking forward to spending our Easter with Uncle Phil and Aunt Sri in Boston. Oh-did I mention the fact that they are having a BABY! YAHOO! We are all so pleased. Good things are happening in this world. And in my little world, everyday I find peace, love, and sanity. And I am so thankful for that!


4 thoughts on “How about a little cruxifiction to start the Easter holiday?

  1. Wow. What a shame that what could have been a family-oriented celebration of what is supposed to be the cornerstone of the Christian faith turned into….that. So sorry that you and the kids had to see all that.
    Enjoy your Easter in Arlington….see you soon!

  2. ally says:

    Just another reason why my spiritual beliefs trump organized religion any day. How horrible! And for the record, the crucifixtion is not a “historical” event, mostly because it is only believed in by a percentage of people, it is based on faith and not factual evidence. But how can you even explain that to a 5 year old? I don’t know how you smoothed that one over but I give you major props. That would disturb me so I can only imagine how poor Ella and Molly felt about it….

  3. Pete says:

    If you’re interested, I’ve been recently ordained a minister in the Universal Life Church.

    Their group is based on two ideals:
    -religious freedom
    -doing what’s right

  4. meme says:

    Allyson, I believe you are incorrect about this not being a historical fact. Plenty of evidence to the contrary. But believe what you like, it is your life.

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