Molly, her birthday gifts and Ella…

Molly had an AWESOME birthday. She got so much love from near and afar. She is a lucky little girl. Here are some pictures of the girl loving and soaking up her material belongings.

The Birthday Bag Lady
her stuff

Her new sleeping bag-so happy!
her sleeping bag

Starting and working on her birdhouse model with Daddy.
getting started
molly the birdhouse maker

Have you met our other child-GoofBall!?
We also found a leprechaun-just trying to get it to show us to the pot o’ gold. And when she does, we are going on VACATION!
our lepruchan


3 thoughts on “Molly, her birthday gifts and Ella…

  1. Jen says:

    Your girls are so cute! That sleeping bag picture is amazing. And the bird house shots. She’s entranced! And then the hugging. It’s just too much, really.

  2. meme says:

    How many households can claim to have 2 “mini-me”s?
    What a couple of keepers you have there, you have good reason to be so proud!

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