8 years ago lead to three years ago

On a St. Patrick’s day, 8 years ago, in Portsmouth I went out with a couple friends to the PressRoom. I saw the guy I had watched and flirted with for 2 years trying to get into the bar I was in. Without thinking I ran to the door and told the bouncer-“he’s with me!” Steve sat down with me at my table-I have no idea what my friends did that night, but I spent the WHOLE night talking with him and that was the beginning of this whole life in a barn in the woods. Three years ago-we woke up on a bright, and sunny St. Patrick’s Day to go the hospital to bring our little Moo Cow into the world. I remember a friend telling me that I would be amazed at the amount of love I am capable of when I experience the birth of our second child. At the time I had no idea how I could love another child, as much as I loved Ella. As I lay in the hospital, alone with Molly for the first time, my heart swelled with so much love potential.

She is my peace and challenge. I love her differently and furiously and most definitely. When she grabs my face in her hands or runs diving into my lap and knocks me over, I am both angry and then overwhelmed at how pure and unconditional this little girl’s love is. She is fierce, we said today. Fierce about getting her own way and fierce in loving those of us, who are lucky enough. But there is nothing as peaceful as her little voice saying, “you are my most perfect, mommy, my best mommy”, because she is my moo cow.

Look how we celebrated THREE! A good party-a special, last minute trip up from Grandma and Grandpa, some clothes shopping and a whole lot of celebrating!
Sit down Mommy!
i love you mommy
The felt board was a huge hit! 25 minutes of SOLO play. John, you are my hero!
the felt board
Steve gets caught rocking on the Dream Dazzler-he is my dream daddy!
riot daddy
Ella practices her rage rock!
riot grrrll
Molly and her cake!
The girls in their new dresses from Grandma and Grandpa!
She can only pose quietly for a couple seconds
the real molly
Charlotte joins the band
rockin cousins
The Diva
the diva
Rockin’ and Rollin’ in Molly’s room
new rock band
The Cake! Awesome!
the cake
A little help from her best friend!
a little sisterly help
Aunt Sri and Uncle had a great birthday present for Molly-can you tell what it was by their faces?!?! There was a lot of happiness after they shared!
good news
End of the day in a sugar coma. Nice.
sugar coma

We sure did miss you Grandpa and Meme! But we will see you very soon!


5 thoughts on “8 years ago lead to three years ago

  1. Jen says:

    Yup! I was smiling to myself the other night remembering the image of Molly sleeping while sitting in the corner of her crib. Priceless. She is such a sweetie. Where has the time gone? Happy birthday Molly!

  2. the roe family says:

    oh my lord – we sure do. time sure does fly. wishing you an extra-special day tomorrow molly moo. happy 3rd!!!

  3. Jen says:

    Hey if you really want to get weepy, check out Lazy Toad Farm and see Sadie wearing Molly’s little Kiss Me I’m Irish/Cute T-Shirt. Wasn’t Molly just wearing that, like, yesterday?

  4. barngirl says:

    Oops! I changed this post…see pictures above! 🙂
    Jen-I looked-sigh-time is causing me to activate my tear ducts on many occasions lately.

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