old friends and new friends

When times are stressful-focus on the good stuff, the stuff that makes this world feel like it makes sense.
So here are some pics to share…
The gang from our over night this week. See we even cleaned them all-dry heads, well now come on we are new to this gazillion kid thing. I love this picture because before this Molly was rolling around on the ground calling to Natalie to sit on her. And when Natalie finally did sit on her the rest followed and they even held still for the picture.
friends always

This is what encouraged Molly to want to be sat on. Everyone tackled Steve. I just watched and laughed.

And last but not least, the creation of Molly’s new friend to be given to her for her birthday.
flat bunny
Almost there…
almost done
She’s a beauty, I think. Not bad for the first shot. I hope Molly will love her, if not she can sleep with me.
molly's new friend


2 thoughts on “old friends and new friends

  1. the roe family says:

    now that is dalring, but those kids….
    What a blessing they are. Happy and healthy, can’t ask for anything more.

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