A couple good things

Settling in for the night with my pajamas, a glass of wine and In Treatment.  We had a busy night because the Randall kids are here while their parents are off for a vacation in Miami.  It was a fun, active night of experiencing life with 4 kids.  Steve and I both agree that 4 kids are fun for a night!  🙂

A few good things are going on right now.
1.  I got a pattern in the mail from Wee Wonderfuls for making a kitty, a bunny or a bear. Tonight I cut out the pattern and picked out fabric. I am excited to begin making the bunny. I have a feeling I will be making a couple of them. They are soooo cute. I hope to make a couple for Easter. Clock is a ticking so I better get stitching.

2. I am having a fabulous time connecting with an old friend from high school who has been lurking around my blog before finally emailing me—Yeah! Jenn is here. It is really fun to hear about people that I used to know and hear where they are now.

3. I found this beautiful vintage-y fabric at Marden’s for 2.99 a yard. It is going to make a great quilt. It will be the foundation for a quilt for Miss Ella’s bday, hopefully. I am hoping that 5+ months is enough time to complete it.

4. MOLLY is going to be three in less than a week. This beautiful, emotional, hysterically funny, difficult, amazing girl is going to be three. I am making this cake for her birthday. 51z1jj6zg8l_ss500_.jpg We all agreed it looks yummy! Chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting-oh so good.

5. Visit with Grandpa and Meme! We will get a little time with them which makes me happy! Makes us all happy.

6. PEDRO is a father! He and his lovely wife, Erin had a little girl…Maeve Ann. What a lucky little girl. I wasn’t going to post this because I was waiting for a pic. But you know, new parents…pictures will come, but new life takes time to get use to. CONGRATULATIONS-you three!-We hope to get meet her soon!

7. I just finished Twilight. It is a Young Adult book, but I really enjoyed it. It is about a girl, who falls in love with a vampire. Good Book. I recommend it. Especially if you are looking for some easy, enjoyable reading. It is not heavy and I finished it in three days. But it was fun. Now I will go back to reading 3 Cups of Tea. Also a great book. Very inspirational.

8. Steve and I have started watching Arrested Development again on DVD. Man that show is funny. I laugh at EVERY episode, at least a couple times. When will the Office be on again? I miss that show.

Everyone-celebrate and enjoy your HUMP day! I know I will. It is time for bed!


7 thoughts on “A couple good things

  1. Jen says:

    So many things! 4. That cake! Wow! I cannot believe that Molly is 3 next week! That is impossible, because if she is 3 then we are all getting older.
    8. I haven’t seen this show, but obviously need to check it out.
    2. Me too. An acquaintance from FM’91 emailed me about Facebook so I have checked it out and found some folks I have not seen for 16 years. No that can’t be right-again, old.
    7. Also reading three cups of tea. I read it last year and LOVED it! Recommended it around. Now Laconia is doing it as their One City One Book, so I got a copy and am loving it again. That man moved mountains!
    Enjoy having 4 kids. I remember you wanting 4 kids at one point in your life. Before having kids.
    Love to you!

  2. Hey, congrats to Pedro & Erin! That’s fantastic.

    I miss Arrested Development. I’m giggling now just thinking about Lucille 2. And the Loose Seal. Holy crap that show was funny.

    Also, books about Vampires in Love? My total secret reading shame.

  3. the roe family says:

    oh-oh-oh!!! You are the baking goddess in my dreams- i admire you so! i just love your feel good posts. i am feeling inspired.

  4. barngirl says:

    oh so much Jen-you will laugh at arrested development.
    Therese-than this is a book for you. You will begin to believe that being a vampire wouldn’t be that bad. So good.
    TRF-I will bake one for you this summer-IF i can pull it off. I feel the love.
    Jenn-back at you sister! And I know, right?!

  5. barngirl says:

    oh pedro-she would have been-IF I had a PICTURE! But she was numero uno in my heart this week! Maeve-what a great name.

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