Thank you Mother Nature

The weather was good this weekend-it worked magically with my needs for the day. Saturday was a grey morning, but perfect for running errands and visiting the library. As we drove up our driveway with Natalie with us the drops of rain started falling. Perfect for playing in the house, reading books, and watching a movie. This morning we woke to sunny skies-a great day for our sledding gathering we had planned. We did a scaled down version of our sledding party planned with just a couple families gathering at our house for some breakfast and then some sledding. We tromped through the woods to our neighbors. The adults all plunging through to knee deep snow every few steps. Snow shoes would have been nice. It wasn’t the fastest sledding but fun none the less. The sun was warm and a great morning with great friends.

Walking up the hill and others coming down
up the hill


Molly’s Snow Girl
molly and her snow girl

Please let me take a picture….
struggle for a picture

Watching Beau add the THIRD room to the snow fort
watching beau

Having dinner with the Dover Nasons tonight-what a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Thank you Mother Nature

  1. Jen says:

    Look at that sunshine! Sounds like a perfect weekend! We are still in sick-ville and have barely left the futon. Count me jealous of your snow fun!

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