I DO have an Orange Eating Area…

I am loving this blog—How about Orange.
Because really folks…How about Orange? What a fabulous color. But it is not a color to be tossed around and used lightly. For example, my darling husband, knowing that I love the color orange, bought me an orange sweater. On principle I liked the sweater because it was orange and my husband was being sweet. And it is a good sweater to wear in the woods in the fall. However, it might be a tad too much orange.

I went to the Antiques USA today because I got out of our meeting a half and hour early so I soaked up a little me time. It was awesome. I could spend all day there. So many awesome, fun things to take in. I did end up with these lovelies.
A vintage dishcloth-that may have to become a bag
And this apron which may have to end up in a quilt someday…whatever it will be, both the cashier and I loved it. Maybe it will stay an apron for a while.
As I was paying for these two treasures and she was looking up the sale prices…she asked if I had an orange kitchen and I was pleased to be able to say no-but I do have an orange eating area. I love our orange walls.
And finally-some orange polyester I picked up at Marden’s for 50 cents. Half a dollar folks…I love the pattern…any ideas about what I should do with a yard of 50 cents worth of Orange polyester? I am stumped…

And on a funny side note, Molly and Amy are doing science experiments. Molly is very serious about this. Yesterday they put grapes in water and then in the freezer. They checked when Amy got here-first thing today. Then they let the grapes thaw and then re-froze them without water. They will report out their findings tomorrow. So funny to see these in the freezer tonight.
frozen grapes
This girl cracks me up!!
silly moo


6 thoughts on “I DO have an Orange Eating Area…

  1. Jenn Donovan says:

    Double mat and frame out your new “glorious orange yard of material” and hang it on a wall in your eating area (fold it to fit your mat that way if you ever want to make something out of it you have that option)! Love it!

  2. Jen says:

    I love orange too! It sometimes seems like the forgotten color. I wonder if our brains were tainted growing up in the glow of the Orangemen? The fabric. . . I’m not sure yet. My first impulse is to say some sort of shopping bag that you would use frequently and would always receive compliments on. Then I was thinking about using pieces of it as accents on other things. . . adding some goofy pockets to a skirt? Or a headband? I say it has to be something that goes out in public!

  3. Jen says:

    Oh, yeah and a big hip hip hooray for Molly being all the way back from the brink and for being almost THREE and for being a tremendous scientist!

  4. barngirl says:

    Jenn and Jen I love all of those ideas. Maybe I will do all of it.
    I was thinking about a bag-framing some of it would be cool. And then very creative with the pockets. Thanks for help with the brainstorming! Molly Rules!

  5. I love the fabrics….and the Moo. And I have to point out that the title could be interpreted differently, as in “I have a special area in my house just for eating oranges.” You know, an orange-eating area.
    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

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