I wish I could be graceful about this

But really all I feel like doing is kicking and screaming-flat on my belly with my fists pounding the floor. I am tired of the snow. I went to bed, actually, looking forward to our snow storm that was predicted for today. But the reality is snow is so over in my brain. The girls and I continued to find uses for the couch box today. YES, it is still in our house. It is too much fun. Here is our warm weather scene we painted today…we created a beach play-“perfect for a princess” according to Molly.

warm weather dreamin'

This is Molly’s mean dragon face. Ella and I made her do it over and over again. Until she got tired of our laughter, which most certainly was not her desired effect.

mean dragon face

This is just a funny face
funny face
So funny.

We spent some time out in the snow, again. Check out what we are dealing with here.
I am feeling a little claustrophobic.
ella at the top
so high

So if someone could please send us some warm weather and sunshine…it would be much appreciated.


5 thoughts on “I wish I could be graceful about this

  1. meme says:

    We are home and there was snow starting right at the NY/PA line right up 81 to our house on Ridge Road. OH, Joy!
    Grandfather is happy….that is all I can say.
    It looks like all of you are plum tired of winter.
    Wishing you an early, bright sunny spring.
    We will see you all very soon.
    Meme and Grandfather Roe

  2. allyson says:

    It just occurred to me what the relationship of snow to your windows is. Ugh, so sorry, thats way too much snow…

  3. barngirl says:

    cokane- I would love to see some forsythia-can you wrangle some of those? I would take some of that lovely trumpet vine, though.
    Ally, Therese and Meme and Grandfather-I know you feel me!

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