This will make you laugh…

and if it doesn’t…I have to wonder about you. This is my friend’s daughter.

Mishka playing hide and seek

I have only watched it 25 times. It makes me laugh everytime.



3 thoughts on “This will make you laugh…

  1. the roe family says:

    got the whole family laughing. kate wanted to watch it again and again and again!
    we are enjoying a snow day here. just a little powder on the lawn but who cares – we are enjoying the slownessof the day.

    miss you all!

  2. Jen says:

    Too funny. Eli, Justin and I were all laughing out loud–several times. The startled jump-back was the best!
    Thinking of you tomorrow, and we will definitely look for Ella at Seussical. You are so good to think of talking with her teacher so the poor woman doesn’t get all nervous about some wacky people staring at one of her students. I learn something from you every day!

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