The kids are alright.

Wow-thanks for all the kind words, and calls. All of you make this easier and remind me how lucky I am. I am not sure when I will be done writing about this, but it will come I know it thanks for hanging with me. It really has hit me harder than I ever imagined.
We had a fairly normal Sunday, though. Even got outside to play in the snow. And really-just a great day. About 20 minutes of Photo Booth fun. We laughed the whole time, but this one caused tears to stream down my face.


Still gets me going when I look at it. So funny.

School day sucked most righteously. I was just antsy all day. Wishing I was at the high school, but the staff didn’t need or want me there. I just wanted to eye-ball those kids, see if they were okay. I got an email from a parent that said a couple of the boys were going to stop by after school to see if I was okay. So funny. They arrived, I fed them, they stayed for 2 hours. They could have stayed longer, but their parents had already waited an hour to take them home. What awesome parents! All I can think is that I am so lucky to be a part of their world. They shared some of the best stories with me about Josh-I know him better now then I ever did before. The parents said the best part was hearing them laugh from out in the hall. I felt utterly drained after, but blessed. I will always carry those boys in my heart for the rest of my life. They have earned a place there.
Wake on Wednesday, Funeral on Thursday.


3 thoughts on “The kids are alright.

  1. Jen says:

    Hey, you are that great guidance counselor that no one ever talks about! Good work. Ella’s photo is hysterical. And have you perused our shot of Eli at the MOST in ‘Cuse? So funny that our kids and their freaky faces are posted at the same time! I had a similar laughing fit in front of the mirrors. I’ll be thinking of you this week. All the best.

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