Hanging on here…

Our vacation has gone around a scary hairpin turn, hit the guardrail and is now teetering on the edge of a cliff. Steve and I keep moving toward the back of the car to keep it from going over.

Molly had a couple episodes last night so I was getting a couple extra zzzzzzzzzs this morning. I received two phone calls from my vice-principal from 7-8:30. Never a good sign.
And it wasn’t…she was calling about this

I need to swear, and I need to sleep. I need to curl up in a ball on my bed and I need to run away from all of this madness. And all I can think about besides my puking kids, is what happened to Josh-what was going on before this horrible thing happened. He was good friends with these guys
I have talked with a couple of their parents. Everyone is in shock and the worse part is that no one knows what happened. I am going into school tomorrow.

As for Molly-I miss her. I miss her laugh, her running, her nudge-y-ness, her voice, and the brightness in her eyes. This is the worse sickness this house has seen. And her little body looks even “littler” laying on the couch. She has not moved. Except for when I move her. And her visit to the drs. where she was diagnosed with an ear infection, as well.

I am just thankful this is vacation…but I want a take back.


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