I thought of starting off this post with a scene from the Young Ones, episode Sick. But because of a lack of clips I will just remind you that was a hysterical show. Our vacation has taken a scary hair pin turn and crashed into the guardrail. Since midnight last night we have had a very sick Moo Cow on our hands. So sad, so so sad. This sickness has caused to cancel our awesome sledding party planned for tomorrow. We all cried a bit, threw a couple “this is so stupid” fits and then moved on. The nurse said there is no telling how long Molly is contagious now so in the interest of preserving public health we will pull the plug. WAHHHH! (insert Lucy cry here)

In an effort to make Ella feel better and to maybe keep her healthy she and I ran away for the afternoon. She and I went out for lunch and then painted a little a pottery.

We had a delicious lunch at Pepperland in South Berwick which included some cutthroat games of hangman and tictactoe.

at pepperland

And then on to the Naked Plate in Dover for some paint your own pottery. I have only once in my life been to one of these places. I took a little girl I was babysitting. Let me say that going with Ella was a lot of fun. And I quote, “I never knew pottery could be so fun?!?!” She made something for herself and a birthday present for Molly.

Can you tell who this is for?

at naked plate

Back home she and Steve did a little sledding and I nursed Molly some more. Everyone think good thoughts for a speedy recovery, specifically TONIGHT!


7 thoughts on “Sick

  1. the roe family says:

    we sure will. sounds like molly and kater are in the same boat. best get back to my patient. we are sending healthy wishes your way!

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