Did I mention I am on vacation?

Here I am in full vacation mode. Sweatshirt-glass of red wine-great tv-no thoughts about waking up for work. Sigh-so happy. So what have we been up to up here in Maine? Good stuff. Steve and I had our day away. It was much needed and wonderful. Newburyport, MA is an odd place. In the words of my Maineman, “it’s like Newburyport’s mom drank while it was in her womb.” Just a little off-a little odd. We left the kids with the Randalls-the Rad Randalls. OH Randalls-where would we be without you? Steve and I stopped in Portsmouth for a stop at an Art Show I had heard about at Nahcotta. Some neat stuff, but nothing I LOVED. And then had some chowder and a beer at the Stockpot (Yum!) before heading down good ol’ 95. Our Inn was great. Cozy and very New England.
Garrison Inn
So the first weirdness was that we were the ONLY people walking on the sidewalks. But yet EVERY place we walked by was PACKED. No one outside. But anyway. Our dinner! WOW fabulous.
10 Center St.
The restaurant was packed and after sitting at the bar for a drink we wished we had just stayed at the bar. Our table was in this loud function room, but we settled in with our waiter, who was supposed to be a busboy, Dan and had an incredible meal. So we were skippy darn happy for a nice clip back to the Inn. We stopped in the tavern at the Inn to hear music before bed, but again, ODD. It was this great brick walled space with furniture from a chinese food restaurant. Could be cozy New England bar, but it wasn’t. Odd. But we didn’t let this dampen our spirits.
The next day after a yummy breakfast and a leisurely read of the Globe we trolled up the coast back home. GREAT trip.

Sunday we bought a new couch for upstairs and did some re-arranging.
the new setup
part 2

I am loving the new space upstairs. We have contained the record situation and I enjoyed sitting up there tonight with cozy, snoozy kittys all around me. And John-if you come to visit we have a nice pull out couch for you. Much better than the RV and I think Futon you have slept on in past visits. The girls extremely enjoyed the box the couch came in-always the way.
Giggled for a half hour straight and then asked to go to bed because they were tired. Huh?
fun with a box

I worked with my new bias tape maker today. I wasn’t very good at it, but it sure was fun.
This is the edge for the blanket I am making.
my bias tape maker

So that is all for now. Not sunny and warm, but it is still vacation. And we will take it.


6 thoughts on “Did I mention I am on vacation?

  1. a-nugget says:

    No, you did not mention it and I was about to call the national guard to track your ass down! no blog posts for 4 days! whats wrong with you!?

    Anyway, Newburyport is def the land of the pod-people, I worked down there in the summer of 2005 (thats the summer Mikey and I met…awwwww:) and I too thought it was a bit strange. And I also disliked the drive. And the tolls. The horses were cool though.

    Ok, rambling…

  2. Jen says:

    Yeah for vacation! So glad you guys had a great getaway. We are happily counting the days until our trip to tropical ‘Cuse! And we’re still thinking we might get to Vacationland later in the week. We’ll keep you posted! Enjoy chillaxin’ with the kids. I can only dream of the crafts that will be created in your home in the coming days.

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