It’s just another day with love, and flowers, and 100s of other things

A great Valentine’s day in Maine. Everyone enjoyed their shirts. Probably not as much as I did seeing them all in them, but Ella wore it without a fight so that is a good sign. She told me that she even told 4 people at school that her mom made her shirt for her. We are already planning where we can sew racing stripes on Steve’s clothes-please someone tell us when we have gone over the top here. 🙂

I was a big winner today. I got the most beautiful dozen roses at school when I arrived this morning. And then an email that informed me that my sweet, thoughtful husband had posted a special valentine podcast on Groovepool just for me. It is chock full of love songs and sweet sentiments. I love it. Makes me happy and gives me good driving and sewing tunes.

While I was at work soaking up my Valentine love, my other thirds were at the Primary school enjoying Ella’s 100 day celebration. In honor of the day and the holiday, for the past ten years our little school has had each classroom collect 100 of one item for the local food pantry. There is a presentation at the school and it is a feel good moment for all involved.
100th day
Ella’s class had a mac and cheese mountain
macaroni mountain
Nice work kids
Nice Work
Nice glasses, El
With her glasses
Molly thinks it is good

I got home and made some Yummy flourless chocolate cakes
And we had a fantastic dinner of steak and mushrooms! Good family valentine’s day. The girls even convinced Steve to join their High School Musical band.
hsm band
Rock and Roll!
the trio

One more day until vacation. Looking forward to some time at home. But this weekend Steve and I are heading south to Newburyport for a night away. Kids are going to the Randalls and we are going to the Garrison Inn. Also trying a new place for dinner, Ten Center Street. I am very much excited about the prospect of some grown up time and sleeping in. Yes siree Bobby!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my awesome family and friends. We love all of you! Thanks for making our lives so much better. You know who you are!


3 thoughts on “It’s just another day with love, and flowers, and 100s of other things

  1. meme says:

    I can feel the love all the way down here in N.kakalaki!
    We had a great day taking Amy (Dad’s friend) to the Biltmore Estate, the place always blows me away and it was sunny and almost 60*.
    Hard to beat that….
    But my Sweetheart took me to a Gordon Lightfoot concert on Tues. and that was great- “The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald” was amazing!
    We will see all of you again before you know it.
    Beth, If Ella will wear something you made for her you are awesome! I once had to promise her I would never make her anything again in order for her to wear one of my creations,,,,,way to go,Mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. the roe family says:

    sounds like one of those “perfect” days. i love the HMS pics. kate always pulls me up to dance with her at the end so it made me laugh when I saw steve int he throws…

    have a great time this weekend. there is nothing better then a little laone time witht he one you love to recharge the old battery.

    sleep long and sleep well. love from asheville!

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