Vote for the Adorable Couple!

Seriously-I know some of my readers have become fans of Miss Cokane’s lovely blog-

Barou is the New Brooklyn 

She and her fiance are trying to win free photography for their green wedding!!  Because you love me vote for them!


You are voting for Tom and Colleen from Louisiana.

Thanks people.


6 thoughts on “Vote for the Adorable Couple!

  1. a-nugget says:

    Mike and I and everyone we know have voted for them!!! But they are still quite a few votes behind, I continue to recruit voters……should I go out on the streets? Harass people at surrounding biotechs? “Excuse me miss, do you work here?”

    “No, but could you vote for Tom and Colleen?”

  2. Jen says:

    New look! It’s brighter. Justin and I voted last night and it looked like they were gaining ground. Justin also was practically peeing his pants with excitement about Van Halen after seeing Colleen’s post. Great!

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