Caucus Sunday

Busy day that I will sum up with a couple pictures.

I figured out how to applique today by spending the morning at Joanne fabrics. With a 40% off sale at Old Navy, I picked up a couple tees and got to work tonight. I love it…I understand Heather’s addiction. Here is Molly’s valentine present…
molly's valentine tee

We went to our caucus today.
yes you can
Town people said it was a record turnout
our caucus

Home for a yummy pot roast! Maybe you can join us for the next one, M and M.
dinner tonight


7 thoughts on “Caucus Sunday

  1. Jen says:

    Mmmmmmm, caucus! Okay, I love politics. . . there, I said it. One of my favorite nights of the year is town meeting. We are not lucky enough to get to caucus. . . just quick and dirty in the curtained booth. I would love to hear more about how it works. What do you do, and all? Did you try to persuade anyone to your candidate? Isn’t that part of it? It looks great. I am so proud of you for going! And I love the T. You are turning into one of those incredibly annoying super-women with your crafts, your cooking, your work, your great kids. Jealousy is rising!

  2. barngirl says:

    RoeFam-Thanks! You inspired me.
    Ally-yes it was and I would tend to agree with that statement.
    Jen-You forgot to mention—awesome friends. Hugs. Caucus was very interesting. People spoke to persuade others to their side BUT I would say that was anti-climatic because most people came with their decision firmly made. But interesting to hear from people. I really liked the process and i guess it depends on what is happening that is quick and dirty in that booth, but if it is just voting…I prefer the caucus. And then once you vote you get together with your groups and decide who will be a delegate at the state level. We had 7 delegates for Obama and 4 for Hillary. So I think they go to a big state caucus. Plus we nominated people for local elections. With the same process. But smaller scale of course, there is no state caucus for that, obviously.
    Cokane-thinking about it. Would it take the fun out of the crafting? hmmm…Thanks for the encouragement, though.

  3. I second the Etsy site!

    I watched the Iowa Caucuses for about 2 hours on CNN. It was like a big game of Risk or something. Much better than pushing a button in a middle school basement. Even though that middle school basement had shuffleboards painted on the floor.

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