Saturday Night and I ain’t got nobody…

To talk with or play with. Bah. 3 hours until my man rolls through the door and my sewing project was thwarted by a lost thread holder and no bobbins. My hopes to enjoy a glass of red wine were dashed by the disgusting taste…But a cold Sierra Nevada is a nice back-up. Oh crap-I just admitted to drinking alone.

We started the day with a barrage of phone calls from Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton. All of the sudden they are our best friends. Never heard from them before today. Somethings tells me they want something. Well, they just might get it. I have never been to a caucus before so I am really interested to see how it all goes down.

Then we went for it and I took the girls to see the Hannah Montana movie. After taking out the loan to afford the tickets we were all set. This was the girls FIRST movie theater experience and overall I think they were intrigued by the whole thing.

\big movie food

We met Ella’s best bud there with her mom. Her bud had been to the concert over Christmas vacation so she was a veteran. Here they are with Ms. Montana

with HM

And let’s see…did we like it? Ella LOVED it. She wished there was more talking and it was longer. Chloe, as well. Molly, ah Molly…my cornball Molly. She probably had the best time of anyone. My girl ate popcorn-handful after handful sported those 3D glasses like a rock star-threw them off half through in a fit of wild dancing and never retrieved them again, had to go to the bathroom two times because of all the lemonade she drank, danced some more and then passed out on my lap with 2 minutes left in the movie. Awesome.

I felt like it was an okay experience. I haven’t really settled Ella’s like of Hannah Montana. It has come about because of her friend. Certainly there are worse things. Her show is fairly mild. Lots of corny comedy. I was impressed to see that she has written some of her own music. I enjoyed the fact that she came out to sing a song and play guitar about her grandfather in sweats and sneakers. Her songs are mind infesting but it makes me smile to see the girls dance and sing them. I guess I have settled the argument by not going nuts with Hannah Montana. There are no clothes, no posters, no dvds…no cereal (I don’t know if there is a cereal, but I wouldn’t be surprised.) I had to cringe at one part of the movie when they had these dads racing each other in high heels to get tickets and backstage passes for the concert for their “darlins’. What a set up for all involved. And seriously—why such madness for concert tickets? Honey-We will never make you wear high heels for us.

But the best part of the day was hanging out at Joe’s New York Pizza after the movie. And I think the girls liked that best, too.


I crushed the mood with a trip to the grocery store. Ahhhh, MOM! But we are fully stocked for a snowy morning pancake breakfast and a pot roast for dinner. The rest of the day involved a feverish Ella, a run on the tread mill, cuokoo Molly and I am diving into a cookbook called Baking that I had always gazed at in the library but after reading a review of the author at Apartment Therapy Kitchen I grabbed it up today. May just get homemade on Molly’s birthday cake’s butt.

OH! And I had a total high school moment the other night. A woman down the road, I have only said hi to twice, called to ask me to be on the daddy/daughter dance committee. Of COURSE I said YES! That way I get to go and spy. But for some reason I felt a strange victory about being asked. Felt like maybe I was a somebody in this sleepy little Maine town. Let me ride it, folks…


4 thoughts on “Saturday Night and I ain’t got nobody…

  1. a-dawgs says:

    damn those missing bobbins! what the hell is a bobbin?? ugh…hannah montana…aka, the next britney. I give her five more years…if she lasts that long. maybe I am cynic. but for now, shes safe. kids love her around here- always wondered why…i should watch an episode I guess….

  2. whatever a bobbin is, it’s the reason i can’t use my grandmother’s old singer sewing machine. no bobbin. yep, that’s the ONLY thing preventing me from using it…yep

    first picture of the girls is fabulous.

    also, when they start becoming cool in jr. high, you can refer them back to this blog post. “heh heh: remember when you liked hannah montana?”

  3. barngirl says:

    A-dawgs-I don’t think they are pushing the sexy thing SO much with Ms. Cyrus. Though i did just see a very sexy pic of her. I hope she makes it a little better than Brit.

    Cokane-Oh sure, i understand and believe you. IF only you could find a bobbin.
    I hadn’t thought of the jr. high piece…i like the way you think…

  4. a-nugget says:

    Dude, I know, I made this comment prior to seeing her all skanked out for several different awards show occasions….what are they doing to this girl? shes like 15 and they are dressing her like a 25 year old!!! for shame!

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