You’re the back and forth swing of the hammock all day…

I love those lyrics from the Avett Bros song Smoke in our Lights.  Not only would I love for someone to write a song about me with such wistful sweet words, but I would really love to be in a hammock somewhere warm, right about now.

I taught my lesson on Worries today in two 5th grade classrooms and I am consistently blown away by this lesson and the kids responses to it.  We start with talking about this quote by Ben Franklin.

Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen.  Keep in the sunlight.

And from there we talk about the idea of whether or not worrying can fix things to talking about our own worries.  We make a whole list.  A HUGE list.  Next class we will talk about what to do with our worries.  The last class I taught today was at the end of the day.  What an interesting class.  There is the boy, who faithful readers will remember, called us all morons.  There is this boy, who I swear I have never seen before two months ago and he is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  He said, “Nanu, Nanu” to me today and gave me the Mork sign.  One girl, whose mom is fighting breast cancer with limited insurance and for the whole class complained of a magraine.  The boy, who, while sharing that he worried about his grandfather because now that his grandmother died he would be all alone, started to cry.  The girls who all grimaced and nodded knowingly when we talked about the worries of popularity and who is your friend today and not tomorrow.   The loud, cherub who is my personal cheering section and seems to always have something to add to my thoughts and others.  But we are all so used to it, nobody is bothered.

That is the thing that I think I love most about going into all these different rooms-there is a personality to each room.  A collective personality.  It moves and breathes and lives.  These little people with their hopes and worries, and talents, and smarts and sadness all make that room pulse.   It is good.

Here is the thing that I wanted to write about, but hesitate.  This afternoon I got scared.  More scared then I have ever been-even more scared then the time in college when I went to NJ to an army/navy football game and 10 of us in a volvo sedan got pulled over and dragged out of the car along with all our booze. More scared than that feeling that I was going to have to call my dad from jail in NJ.  Someone was looking down on me and smiling that night just like they were tonight.  So down to it…I was upstairs in the bathroom getting changed into comfy clothes when there was the most god-awful sound followed by Molly screaming and then Ella screaming “MOLLY, MOLLY”.  Let me tell you I will not soon forget that sound.  Well, I ran downstairs with my pants around my ankles-yelling when I saw the cupboard tipped over and Molly underneath.  So many things went through my brain.  How bad was she hurt…what a shitty parent I am for not having had that cupboard attached to the wall when it has already tipped over once before…how will I get her to the emergency room when I am half naked (seriously, I am not kidding.)…Stop yelling and calm down…And then I did.  And thankfully just a drawer was on her tiny little precious foot.  The worst of it so far is a bruise and a scrape and she was walking and running tonight.  But I sometimes feel very weak as a parent.  Sometimes I think the biggest lie I tell my kids is that I will keep them safe.  And tonight I felt like a criminal for what happened to her.  But then there was Ella’s little voice from the craft table as Molly and I are calming down on the couch-“Molly that will teach you to play with the drawers.”   Sigh…life…family…

As I sit here thinking about wrapping this up I notice the box for our toaster oven in our storage area.  There is a picture on the side of a Roast Chicken all decked out on a platter….really?  A chicken in a toaster oven?  Will wonders never cease?  Has anyone ever tried such a feat?   Your electricity bill would triple from that one culinary feat, wouldn’t it?

Well, here is to no more “shazbot” in my weekend ahead.  images.jpeg

Happy Weekend to you all!


4 thoughts on “You’re the back and forth swing of the hammock all day…

  1. Jen says:

    Great post. I was getting worried after a few days of no news. Is that a legitimate worry. . . Worry about a friend because she hasn’t been updating her blog? I do not want to imagine your fear in wondering what had happened to Molly. That is the super scary vulnerable part of parenting that I hate. When they come out perfect, isn’t that a guarantee of safety for life? I wish it could be.
    I hope you guys have a great weekend. We felt pressure to start our own blog after Christa got hers going. It’s modest, but check it out:

    Oh and your skirt looks Great! I am so impressed. Can’t wait to see you wearing it this summer!

  2. MM says:

    Yes, these things happen. You can save children from anything but themselves.
    I never had a problem with other children’s injuries but the first time John cut himself and was bleeding…..I totally lost it!
    Having said that, Ella is right. You do not accept the cat walking on the dining room table so little girls should not be climbing on cupboards.
    And, in case you’ve forgotten, you are a good and caring mother. Take it from someone who knows one when she sees one.

  3. barngirl says:

    Thanks for the re-assurance and understanding. She is totally fine today. Not even a limp.
    Jen-you worry because you care. and you want something to read at work….I appreciate that. 🙂

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