My day must be written all over my face.

Wow! Is this day over yet? Don’t you know the day is going to have some problems when your coffee tastes like water? Don’t you know there will be some sucking going on when while you are making the coffee that ends up tasting like water your scoop breaks in half? Doesn’t the grossness of the day highlight itself to you even more when you bypass the breakfast place on your way to work because you might be a little late if you stop for a bagel there thinking you can just get one from the cafe at school. BUT then you get to the school and the lunch breakfast lady responds to your polite request for a bagel (I just saw the cherub before leave with a yummy looking cinnamon raisin bagel, I am so glad I waited to get one at school) with “we are all out of bagels”. CRAP! Then the suckage gets worse as I don’t have time to go out again because I have a re-entry meeting for a suspended student in 10 minutes. As I stand around waiting for the meeting, I discover that it is moved to TUESDAY because of the snow day! I give up on breakfast.

There was a small break in the awfulness of the day during my observation. In fact, I don’t really understand how it happened, but the class I taught went so well it was almost ridiculous. The principal had nothing bad to say. But we talked about how things could have worked if things did go wrong.

So then-the time I went outside today to go to a meeting at central office-IT POURED. Instantanious wetness!

My next two classes I taught went HORRIBLY! Everything we talked about going wrong in my post-observation happened in my next two classes. Including the “special” student in one class getting up and yelling at another student “YOU’RE ALL MORONS!” And the student sitting next to me replying softly “I do pretty well in this class, thank you.”

The day ended with an inappropriate email from my inappropriate email source, which did make me laugh.

From there it was a grocery store trip with tired, demanding, cranky kids. As we were standing in the suckcrapawful pharmacy line-this woman looks at my kids and says, “Oh-your kids aren’t wearing mittens today?” Luckily before I could respond with a very snide, rude “mind your own business” kind of remark, she went on to say “OH I knit mittens for kids and then I just give them away all winter long to people I run into-they’re in my car, I will be right back.” We all stood there with our mouths wide open. She returned with the sweetest mittens and the girls were smitten-with their mittens. I could only respond with a heartfelt Thank you-you are very kind.



Good things that have happened this week…

And these are in no particular order.

1.  Okay this is in particular order-I got to see Steve for 5 hours yesterday.  That was nice.  This weekend I get to see him for like 12 hours.  Even better.

2.  Saturday, Phil and Sri watched the girls so Steve and I got to the movies.  SO many choices, but we went to Juno and it did not disappoint.  Big fan of the Moldy Peaches song at the end.  I blubbered like a big idiot mama during so many scenes.  I think I even got blubbery when her dad called her a “big puffed up version of Junebug.”  I was in that kind of mood.

3.  During dinner on Monday, Molly put all her peas in her ketchup and as she was patting them she told Ella, “I am going to put these in the ketchup so they grow beautiful just like you.”  Said so quietly I almost missed it.  I love that little brain.

4.  During the same dinner, Molly said-I am going to grow bananas and we will have a big banana day.  Ella responded, “I am going to grow peas ( with a wicked smile on her face) and I am going to have a pea dance-(even more wicked smile) like a pee-pee dance!  Wicked laugh here and then she proceeded to stand up and show us the peepee dance.  It wasn’t pretty.  But it was pretty funny.

5.  Good dinner with good friends!  Which also resulted in very tired Nasons this morning, but it was worth it.

6.  I learned how to make popcorn in those popcorn kettles-the big ones for the Student Council bake sale.  And I produced fabulously salted little kernels of corn.  Yum!  Something strangely satisfying about rotating the handle of the kettle and watching popcorn spill out all puffy and white.

7.  We have re-signed with our lovely CSA-Chick Farm.  I love that place!  It is exciting to start thinking about spring and all the wonderful veggies that will be coming our way.  (through many inches of SNOW!)

8.  Steve hung up the lights for my sewing area so I can see what I am sewing.  A beautiful thing.  And seeing my sewing is nice too.  (that should score me a couple points! 🙂 )

9.  Planning another craft night in two weeks…means a chance to drink some wine and hang with some women.  I will have started my skirt I am sewing by then.

10.  I had the best phone call with a bestest friend.  Left me beaming all evening.  This woman makes me laugh like a lunatic at the silliest things and I love it.  Despite the fact that we are both old and have way too many responsibilities, we have plans to see each other on two occasions-hopefully!

That’s it folks.  Hopefully all this good will pull me through to the three day weekend ahead.  We get to hang out with Charlotte on Sat.  Sun. I take my first sewing class and leave it an hour early to get home for the PATS GAME!  Go Pats!  Thank goodness it is an early game because I haven’t been able to stay awake for the late ones.

If I have forgotten some goodness feel free to refresh my memory.

Seriously? More snow??

I know I shouldn’t complain because here I am sitting on my duff writing this rather than driving in crazy road conditions, but gosh darn it now I am going to school in June through ANOTHER weekend. Blah. The girls and I had a fun snowy day. Action packed-full of adventures and fun.
My favorite part of this is the stickie note person.
Here’s one for the grandparents.
kids and art
Elements of a good snow day
the day
Workin’ on homework-we learned the -ake sound-like make, bake, cake, take
Gotta love the frozen cookie dough-makes just the right amount of cookies!
cookie dough
Playing in the snow
snow babies
smiley snowy molly
smiley snowy molly
Seriously-let me in already
let me in already
Come on Molly!

Ella helped me with the blanket I am making and when we are done we are going to make a pillow. She pushed the pedal for the sewing machine and is a champ at knowing the right sides together trick. Molly continues on the potty training track with much success. We even did errands yesterday with her in her underwear. Smashing success. I see the same look of pride in her face as she sits on the potty as I do in Ella’s face when she figures out a word she is sounding out. We all have our battles. And my kids have been victorious in theirs.

Here’s to hoping this is the last of the snow days.

Charlotte is Three!

Last night we went to Dover to help celebrate the fact that Charlotte has lived in this world for three years. Quite a thing! And we think the world is a much better place with her in it.

frosting the cake
whatcha doin?
are you guys related?
supervising sri
tool belt
mom and birthday girl

Happy Birthday Charlotte! We love you!

Trip down memory lane…

So I guess my brother used Steve’s hard drive to back up Holly’s old computer and tonight at work he found these pictures. We had so much fun as he sent me the pictures through ichat. What a fun trip-a mini this is your life. Wow am I blessed.

These are from our engagement party that my brother and wife held for us. What fun!

iChat Image(7Vd)

There is a story behind this photo which I forgot about until now. HAHA! The photo really says it all. I think there is another photo somewhere with John in this afro.

iChat Image(Wp6)

I had never seen this photo before. I had heard about this but seeing this pic touched my heart so much. This is my father and good friend-her husband and Holly poured maple syrup tapped from their trees into all those jars as favors for our wedding. Which I loved! This such a wonderful picture!

iChat Image(cO6)

The day before the wedding…

iChat Image(WU7)

iChat Image(Bl2)

Great dancing shot…

iChat Image(udF)

This is the barn before it was a house…WOW!

iChat Image(YYn)

The day before Ella was born…I have one word for you-CANKLES. Man, I remember soaking those dogs in the lake at the General Sheridan. Sigh and Banner and I fought for that couch. I would be lying down and he would stand over me-staring at me-willing me to move so he could lie down.

iChat Image(g8t)

So glad we found these…there were more but these were the best!
What a good life! What a good good life!

What do I do late at night?

My sister-in-law made this BEAUTIFUL creation for her son.1.jpg

What a lucky little boy. She is one creative woman-who uses her hours to create.

It made me think of my hours at night. The time that I spend fretting, worrying, and dreaming. I am not always using the hours I have but sometimes I feel like the hours are like minutes and so fleeting. I found this poem while I was floating around the inter-web and it almost made me cry. It definitely made me still! I have read it many times.

Awake at Night

late in the night i pay
the unrest i owe
to the life that has never lived
and cannot live now.
what the world could be
is my good dream
and my agony when, dreaming it,
i lie awake and turn
and look into the dark.
i think of a luxury
in the sturdiness and grace
of necessary things, not
in frivolity. that would heal
the earth, and heal men.
but the end, too, is part
of the pattern, the last
labor of the heart:
to learn to lie still,
one with the earth
again, and let the world go.

-Wendell Berry

look at us…look at us!

So here are the first attempts at books. Very simple, but boy what fun! The girls were very excited by the project and worked very quietly and with much concentration after I sat with them to get started. Both came up with very in-depth ideas for the storyline. It was a treat to hear where their imagination would take them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ella’s giraffe on the cover. The other lovely part was watching Ella help Molly draw flowers and give her help with what a rabbit looked like. Overall-I look forward to working on more books with the girls. I have read them over and over and each them they make me smile.
the books
And yes my girl is wearing Big Girl Underwear! After a couple self initiated attempts at the potty-we have jumped in with both feet-right into polka dot undies. We have had countless accidents but we have also had some successes. Most of all she is really happy about the whole thing, which I knew would come, but man-it was really tough waiting for it. And man would you look at those knobby knees!
in her  big girl pants
Molly took this of Ella and I. We had all just finished working out. Somehow they always get through their workout much faster than me. AND they can do like 13 pushups and I can only do 5. But I kick their butts in the sit-up department.
mom and ella
We had a nice night today. One of our favorite episodes of Little Bear and we are off to read Pippi Longstocking. Tonight she hangs out with the Gypsies. Ella is scared of the gypsies and wondered if they are in Maine. I told her they are only in Europe. Silly me-then she asked if we would ever go to Europe and I said, OH SURE! I don’t WANT to go to Europe-she moaned. Oh well, hopefully by the time we go she will have forgotten all about the gypsies. One can only hope.