Lots and lots of little things…

We are living in the world of High School Musical currently. The girls have watched the movie a gazillion times and we have bought the music. I was relatively surprised at the innocence of the movie and I give it my guidance counselor thumbs up for a decent message. After watching it many times with the girls, we have good talks about what is nice, what is not so nice, and we sing and dance. I am a little scared to admit that I like the music, but I have always been a musical lover. In an attempt to remain cool…please watch the madtv version of High School Musical.

Discovered the following blog from an 8th grade girl today. I am so sure that I am the last person in the universe to find out about this, but I was really intriqued by this.

I am enjoying the new HBO show In Treatment with Gabriel Byrne. First of all, I love Gabriel Byrne. Second-I love therapy. Go figure.

08aspr_wg293_m01.jpg This is my current dream clothing website. BodenUSA I want EVERYTHING! Okay so maybe one thing would do, but still everything would be much better.

I need help. I won a pair of earrings from this woman’s awesome jewelry on Etsy.
Check her selection out-do you have a favorite? Which one would you think would be my favorite? A chance to procrastinate for you all and help me make a tough decision.

Brownie Points has a “naughty” idea for Valentine’s Day. Good for a laugh.

An old favorite song I can’t get enough of recently…

There is a new wave of Guns and Roses love in our middle school-one boy is starting to transform into Slash. They are even wearing the tight jeans.

Other than that-Molly is sick, Ella is getting sick and the tickle is in my throat too.
Could be a short work day tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “Lots and lots of little things…

  1. jkchapman says:

    Fun, time-wasting links. Boden is great, but your skirt is going to be just as clever, AND a one-of-a-kind. Take that, Mr. Boden and your $98 skirt! I am still way too cheap to pay those prices! Is yours done? Haven’t seen or heard about it lately.
    Hope y’all feel better soon!

  2. barngirl says:

    I am with you on the 98 bucks…which is why I have never bought anything. I have my second sewing class on Sunday. i should make significant progress on my skirt. Stay tuned JKChapman!

  3. M and j says:

    Hope that you are all well by game day. My favorites are , Joaanne and Hillary. What do you think?
    Good OLD Axel Rose. Is he still in music?
    ‘M and J

  4. pedro says:

    What’s happening to the world?! First Perry tells me he’s going to Broadway musicals, now you’re into High School Musical. Really, tell me, what’s wrong with my friends?

  5. the roe clan says:

    you just made my day. kate has been talking and talking about HSM and we’ve yet to go down that road. i thought i was going to have to preview it on my own this weekend after the kiddos went down. thanks to your seal of approval and the fact that i completely trust your judgment looks like kater-pie and i may have a movie date tomorrow while daddy is in AZ attending the super bowl parties.

    as for boden – love them too! have that same catalogue sitting here on my desk with far too many dog-eared pages. probably won’t order a thing but it is fun to dream.

    can’t wait to see the progress you make this weekend. I am taking an applique class on sunday. very excited.


  6. the roe clan says:

    BTW i second the meera vote. meme was right on. they look like you. gotta love that eliwill, she’s an iowa girl. if you get a chance check out the seller olliekate. she is teaching our class on sunday. i am thinking a #3 shirt may be on my list of things to do for you litte you know who!

  7. barngirl says:

    Roe Clan-You might be surprised to see Trey dancing along, as well. The music is kind of catch-y. I am excited to see what comes of your class. Those shirts are adorable! And the shirts at Boden…I love them. The scalloped edge…sigh…

    Pedro, oh Pedro…you don’t even know how your world is about to change. Poor poor man! Gigantic is on our mix though. So there is a silver lining.

    I love the meera earrings! Mom, the Hillary are lovely I never would have looked at those, but now i am not sure. I am glad I asked because it is fun to look at other’s likes.

    No thoughts on Brownie Points, any one??? Teehee

  8. a-nugget says:

    Ok, so Pedro is my hero (other than the whole hating the Pats thing). I mean, the ONLY reason I had relatively normal taste in music growing up (IE I never listened to boy bands) is because of YOU AND PETE. I would’ve been screwed without you guys. I would’ve been listening to New Kids on the Block rather than the Dead and the Doors and Fleetwood Mac. Ok, Fleetwood Mac was cool back then, admit it. So good work Pedro, I salute you. I have bizarre taste in music now but I can safely say that NEVER have I liked anything by Britney Spears. Thanks guys.

    As for my older siblings- its ok that you like High School Musical- just make sure they listen to some Ramones now and then ok?

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