When in Maine…

Could weekends go any faster? We had another good one up here in the snowy North. The girls and I spent another glorious morning at the library on Sat. A benefit to small town living is that you get spoiled by the librarians. We easily spend two hours every Sat. playing, doing crafts, reading books. And they ALWAYS have munchkins and coffee. By the time we are done it is lunch time. A great winter Sat. morning.
We got an invite to join the rest of the Nasons in the big city for dinner and headed over to Redhook for a good visit. Excited to hear that good things are happening for Phil and Sri and they will be settling back in Boston VERY soon.
Steve and I watched a GREAT movie last night called the Namesake. Seriously-an awesome movie. Highly Highly recommend it to everyone. Ahhh-even thinking of it now I am awash with good feelings.
This morning we woke to more snow in the air and on the ground. We bundled up and headed over to the sled hill in the next town over to meet up with friends.
sledding group
Great sledding. The first walk up the hill resulted in all of us falling on our faces as we soon realized that underneath the powder was a SHEET of ice. But as we found our footing and weathered the few white out rides as the sleds and our bodies wiped the trail clean, the rides got faster and more AWESOME! I, unfortunately, couldn’t seem to make it down the trail without wiping out half way down. I almost lost Molly on one run as the jump made itself more pronounced. Steve was a glutton for punishment and took many rides that resulted with him face first in the snow
wipe out steve
But with hot chocolate and coffee to warm our bones after hours of snow fun it seemed totally worth it. Talk to us tomorrow when we are stiff and sore.
Best be signing off, as I am returning to my napkin making frenzy. Here’s to hoping the week flies by and we will be cheering the Pats onto a 5th  4th Superbowl Victory next weekend in no time.


4 thoughts on “When in Maine…

  1. What a great weekend! I’m kind of jealous of all your snow, we’ve had none!

    I read the Namesake in one day last summer while serving jury duty. I really enjoyed it. The book, not jury duty.

  2. barngirl says:

    Therese-I am getting the book this weekend. I am by-passing Pillars of the Earth for that.

    Cokane-I miss the days of being able to go down the hill on my feet on the sled! Wouldn’t dare try it now. Sledding IS freakind awesome.

    Maine man-But thank goodness I have you to keep me straight.

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