A lot happened and all was good.

Great weekend! Phew-after friday I will say this weekend was much needed and enjoyed by all. After a day of the library, lunch, and some girl time-Charlotte came to spend the night. The cousins had a fabulous time and there was much sadness about her departure come sunday morning. I was excited to get out of the house as I had a day of sewing ahead of me in Portsmouth. Very fun class mostly because I got a chance to be around other people who were excited about learning to sew. The instuctor was fun and seemed to inspire a lot of energy into all of us about what we can do. I left with a pile of fabric and thoughts about more that I want to create.
As I ran out of town, I got to see a glimpse of Phil and Sri crossing the street and a quick chat before I was racing home to get to the Randalls to watch the Pats WIN (who sucks Pedro?) Have to say I was just as excited to see the Giants win! Two great games, second one-SOOOOO cold, wow! Great time with the Randalls. And brought two sleepy girls home much later on.
Today we got to spend a lovely afternoon with the Chapmans. So great! Hard to say how much I love spending time with them. I only wish we were closer.
the girls
some homemade margharitas and football
Pats WIN!!!
This cowgirl is out of here.
Started the visit with some good ole’ fashion sack races
Victory is sweet!
Such a long way from lazy grad school days
part 2
Poor Adah-surrounded by goons
funny faces
Really the best part of the whole weekend-When Ella read us Green Eggs and Ham. It took a couple sittings but it was really quite awesome-breathtaking. She is really starting to crack the code. Sounding out words is coming easier and easier.
We made a picture today-Super Daddy and Molly to the rescure with their helmets.
super people to the rescue
Made some new napkins-“sew” easy. hahaha
The fabric I picked out for my skirt.
skirt fabric

We are finishing off the weekend watching StarDust. Great fantasy movie. Witches, magic, enchanted love. I recommend it. Plus it has Claire Danes. Really Love Her!

So despite wishing I was some place really warm, i will head back to school tomorrow. We have another day of Steve before he heads back to work. We will probably catch up on the Wire tomorrow night. Another great season.
All I wish is that I could spend more time with the fam. I wish we had ONE more day. I am feeling greedy.


8 thoughts on “A lot happened and all was good.

  1. barngirl says:

    Well you already have the cute kids covered-sophie and dalton work nicely. I know more cooking.
    I love when you post about cooking.

  2. Jen says:

    Hooray for sack races! We all had a blast. It was a treat to hear Ella reading–in this picture I can actually SEE her sounding out the word! Great. Hey, we tried to figure out Seussical info and couldn’t find any. . . would love to know where you’ll be seeing it. Thanks for a great day. We do need a grown-up date soon. Love you guys!

  3. the roe clan says:

    oh great post, makes me smile
    love the fabric – can’t wait to see your skirt upon completion.
    love the pic of ella-boo reading. can so relate.
    our girls are growing and learning so much and so fast!
    it is astounding and a joy to be a part of.
    so much good stuff happening with the nason clan.
    thanks for sharing!

  4. meme says:

    Love,love love to read new posts. It looks like you are really enjoying the sewing machine, great! Can hardly wait to see the skirt….
    Molly in cowgirl boots, wow padner, what happened to your drawers?
    We spent a couple of nights with GR and are now in N. Redington at the Far Horizon Motel (next to the Ram Sea). It is a bit foggy and chilly and every stroll on the beach brings fond memories of our trip together. Next year……
    Start saving:>)

  5. barngirl says:

    Thanks for the love everyone!
    I have cut out the pattern for the skirt.
    I have to wait until class so I can learn how to sew a zipper…You can expect some pics after the 3rd…
    MEME! We are going through serious Florida withdrawl for this year. The pennies are already being put away!

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