My day must be written all over my face.

Wow! Is this day over yet? Don’t you know the day is going to have some problems when your coffee tastes like water? Don’t you know there will be some sucking going on when while you are making the coffee that ends up tasting like water your scoop breaks in half? Doesn’t the grossness of the day highlight itself to you even more when you bypass the breakfast place on your way to work because you might be a little late if you stop for a bagel there thinking you can just get one from the cafe at school. BUT then you get to the school and the lunch breakfast lady responds to your polite request for a bagel (I just saw the cherub before leave with a yummy looking cinnamon raisin bagel, I am so glad I waited to get one at school) with “we are all out of bagels”. CRAP! Then the suckage gets worse as I don’t have time to go out again because I have a re-entry meeting for a suspended student in 10 minutes. As I stand around waiting for the meeting, I discover that it is moved to TUESDAY because of the snow day! I give up on breakfast.

There was a small break in the awfulness of the day during my observation. In fact, I don’t really understand how it happened, but the class I taught went so well it was almost ridiculous. The principal had nothing bad to say. But we talked about how things could have worked if things did go wrong.

So then-the time I went outside today to go to a meeting at central office-IT POURED. Instantanious wetness!

My next two classes I taught went HORRIBLY! Everything we talked about going wrong in my post-observation happened in my next two classes. Including the “special” student in one class getting up and yelling at another student “YOU’RE ALL MORONS!” And the student sitting next to me replying softly “I do pretty well in this class, thank you.”

The day ended with an inappropriate email from my inappropriate email source, which did make me laugh.

From there it was a grocery store trip with tired, demanding, cranky kids. As we were standing in the suckcrapawful pharmacy line-this woman looks at my kids and says, “Oh-your kids aren’t wearing mittens today?” Luckily before I could respond with a very snide, rude “mind your own business” kind of remark, she went on to say “OH I knit mittens for kids and then I just give them away all winter long to people I run into-they’re in my car, I will be right back.” We all stood there with our mouths wide open. She returned with the sweetest mittens and the girls were smitten-with their mittens. I could only respond with a heartfelt Thank you-you are very kind.



2 thoughts on “My day must be written all over my face.

  1. meme says:

    Well, at very least you probably know where your wallet is tonight which is more than Sarah can say. Poor woman is frantic, and who can blame he? The “sucking cloud “must have been hovering over all three of you women today as Allyson also had a “dressed in the dark” for work day.
    Remember, Scarlett, tomorrow is another day!
    I figure you will call me when you have a moment and things are less sucky.
    Love you.

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