Good things that have happened this week…

And these are in no particular order.

1.  Okay this is in particular order-I got to see Steve for 5 hours yesterday.  That was nice.  This weekend I get to see him for like 12 hours.  Even better.

2.  Saturday, Phil and Sri watched the girls so Steve and I got to the movies.  SO many choices, but we went to Juno and it did not disappoint.  Big fan of the Moldy Peaches song at the end.  I blubbered like a big idiot mama during so many scenes.  I think I even got blubbery when her dad called her a “big puffed up version of Junebug.”  I was in that kind of mood.

3.  During dinner on Monday, Molly put all her peas in her ketchup and as she was patting them she told Ella, “I am going to put these in the ketchup so they grow beautiful just like you.”  Said so quietly I almost missed it.  I love that little brain.

4.  During the same dinner, Molly said-I am going to grow bananas and we will have a big banana day.  Ella responded, “I am going to grow peas ( with a wicked smile on her face) and I am going to have a pea dance-(even more wicked smile) like a pee-pee dance!  Wicked laugh here and then she proceeded to stand up and show us the peepee dance.  It wasn’t pretty.  But it was pretty funny.

5.  Good dinner with good friends!  Which also resulted in very tired Nasons this morning, but it was worth it.

6.  I learned how to make popcorn in those popcorn kettles-the big ones for the Student Council bake sale.  And I produced fabulously salted little kernels of corn.  Yum!  Something strangely satisfying about rotating the handle of the kettle and watching popcorn spill out all puffy and white.

7.  We have re-signed with our lovely CSA-Chick Farm.  I love that place!  It is exciting to start thinking about spring and all the wonderful veggies that will be coming our way.  (through many inches of SNOW!)

8.  Steve hung up the lights for my sewing area so I can see what I am sewing.  A beautiful thing.  And seeing my sewing is nice too.  (that should score me a couple points! 🙂 )

9.  Planning another craft night in two weeks…means a chance to drink some wine and hang with some women.  I will have started my skirt I am sewing by then.

10.  I had the best phone call with a bestest friend.  Left me beaming all evening.  This woman makes me laugh like a lunatic at the silliest things and I love it.  Despite the fact that we are both old and have way too many responsibilities, we have plans to see each other on two occasions-hopefully!

That’s it folks.  Hopefully all this good will pull me through to the three day weekend ahead.  We get to hang out with Charlotte on Sat.  Sun. I take my first sewing class and leave it an hour early to get home for the PATS GAME!  Go Pats!  Thank goodness it is an early game because I haven’t been able to stay awake for the late ones.

If I have forgotten some goodness feel free to refresh my memory.


2 thoughts on “Good things that have happened this week…

  1. ally says:

    Hahahahahaahahaha Pedro, HAHAHAHHAHAA. Thats what YOU think. HAHAHHAOk I’m done with my evil laughter. Dude, I went to see Juno AGAIN last night with Sandahl. I looooveeee itttt. So worth it, and so awesome to get sushi and see a matinee at 5:30pm after work. That song at the end of the movie is awesome, Mike and I have been singing it to each other since we saw the movie:) I know, we are cute.

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