Seriously? More snow??

I know I shouldn’t complain because here I am sitting on my duff writing this rather than driving in crazy road conditions, but gosh darn it now I am going to school in June through ANOTHER weekend. Blah. The girls and I had a fun snowy day. Action packed-full of adventures and fun.
My favorite part of this is the stickie note person.
Here’s one for the grandparents.
kids and art
Elements of a good snow day
the day
Workin’ on homework-we learned the -ake sound-like make, bake, cake, take
Gotta love the frozen cookie dough-makes just the right amount of cookies!
cookie dough
Playing in the snow
snow babies
smiley snowy molly
smiley snowy molly
Seriously-let me in already
let me in already
Come on Molly!

Ella helped me with the blanket I am making and when we are done we are going to make a pillow. She pushed the pedal for the sewing machine and is a champ at knowing the right sides together trick. Molly continues on the potty training track with much success. We even did errands yesterday with her in her underwear. Smashing success. I see the same look of pride in her face as she sits on the potty as I do in Ella’s face when she figures out a word she is sounding out. We all have our battles. And my kids have been victorious in theirs.

Here’s to hoping this is the last of the snow days.


8 thoughts on “Seriously? More snow??

  1. ally says:

    Sigh….I miss the elusive snow day. All I got this year were 5 pain-the-ass fire days. Then again, I am not forced to make them up the summer time….although I will be working all summer anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter. My point is, I miss it, and will continue to miss it till I move back to the glorious land of New England. Hmmm…speaking of having summers off, maybe I should become a bio teacher or something…..then we could spend all summer together in Maine without a care in the world…commence dreaming….

  2. meme says:

    I love how A is dreaming of dealing with youngsters just to get the summer and snow days……HA!
    Those girls sure look happy playing in the snow, just can’t knock time spent with your own kids.

  3. Kelly says:

    LOVE those pictures… we have green grass here… weird… supposed to get a dusting… you have SO MUCH SNOW!!! wow… thanks for the pic of the cookie dough… damn.. now I am craving it.

  4. the roe clan says:

    you are getting mighty good with the camera…
    trey and i loved this post. he wanted to play in the snow with the girls.

  5. i am dying for a snow day. please send them this way. it’s too warm for jan here, but the flowers, and many plants including tomato plants died while we were away. wtf subtropics? not cool.

  6. me again–i don’t have your email. i have a question about wordpress for yet another potential blog in the works… can you email me? cokane at hotmail. kthxbai

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