What do I do late at night?

My sister-in-law made this BEAUTIFUL creation for her son.1.jpg

What a lucky little boy. She is one creative woman-who uses her hours to create.

It made me think of my hours at night. The time that I spend fretting, worrying, and dreaming. I am not always using the hours I have but sometimes I feel like the hours are like minutes and so fleeting. I found this poem while I was floating around the inter-web and it almost made me cry. It definitely made me still! I have read it many times.

Awake at Night

late in the night i pay
the unrest i owe
to the life that has never lived
and cannot live now.
what the world could be
is my good dream
and my agony when, dreaming it,
i lie awake and turn
and look into the dark.
i think of a luxury
in the sturdiness and grace
of necessary things, not
in frivolity. that would heal
the earth, and heal men.
but the end, too, is part
of the pattern, the last
labor of the heart:
to learn to lie still,
one with the earth
again, and let the world go.

-Wendell Berry


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