Trip down memory lane…

So I guess my brother used Steve’s hard drive to back up Holly’s old computer and tonight at work he found these pictures. We had so much fun as he sent me the pictures through ichat. What a fun trip-a mini this is your life. Wow am I blessed.

These are from our engagement party that my brother and wife held for us. What fun!

iChat Image(7Vd)

There is a story behind this photo which I forgot about until now. HAHA! The photo really says it all. I think there is another photo somewhere with John in this afro.

iChat Image(Wp6)

I had never seen this photo before. I had heard about this but seeing this pic touched my heart so much. This is my father and good friend-her husband and Holly poured maple syrup tapped from their trees into all those jars as favors for our wedding. Which I loved! This such a wonderful picture!

iChat Image(cO6)

The day before the wedding…

iChat Image(WU7)

iChat Image(Bl2)

Great dancing shot…

iChat Image(udF)

This is the barn before it was a house…WOW!

iChat Image(YYn)

The day before Ella was born…I have one word for you-CANKLES. Man, I remember soaking those dogs in the lake at the General Sheridan. Sigh and Banner and I fought for that couch. I would be lying down and he would stand over me-staring at me-willing me to move so he could lie down.

iChat Image(g8t)

So glad we found these…there were more but these were the best!
What a good life! What a good good life!


7 thoughts on “Trip down memory lane…

  1. Jen says:

    Oh my god! This is another life! We were so young and had no responsibilities! Did ANYONE have kids or own ANYTHING in 2001?
    Justin just remembered Pete, Tu me gusta, and tu me gusta!
    So fun.

  2. Great pics! That syrup was delicious. One of my favorite moments at any wedding ever happened at yours- the sight of you and Steve coming into the reception tent as everyone waved foam fingers. Just brilliant- there was so much joy that day.

  3. a-dawgs says:

    Wow. Those pictures are awesome. I don’t think I had ever seen that one of the two of us before. I look like I’m 16 or something…and very… blonde…ACK! I am starting to feel like I might have a “almost quarter life crisis” Good times, good times….Banner is totally wedged between you two on that couch…good old Banner…sighhh…

  4. meme says:

    “Those were the days my friend
    we thought they’d never end
    we’d sing and dance and laugh the whole day through.
    We’d live the life we chose
    We’d fight and never lose
    Those were the days
    Oh yes
    Those were the days…….”

    But there has been a lot of joy since then.
    Such is life:>)

  5. damn, i’m on a temporary computer that won’t let me see the photos. though i have heard about the foam fingers from therese in the past…
    also, i like the newest look of the blog!

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