Nason Christmas from my point of view

When we got back from Charleston we got to spend some good time with the Nason Clan. On Saturday we all met up at Flatbread Pizza in Portsmouth. I love that place. It is definitely a hip-crunchy family place-Kids EVERYWHERE, but Steve and I have gone just by ourselves and eaten at the bar. You can almost pretend that there are no kids there. The Pizza is amazing.
Yippie! Charlotte’s here!

After pizza, we all headed over to the Dover Nasons for dessert and presents. I know Phil, I was excited to open the presents, too.
Ella really likes her new bathrobe
Charlotte does, too, but Molly is not sure…
Pete gazes at the thing that could keep him in a bathrobe!
Geez Sri-taste that Ole Grand Daddy-
Steve is disgusted by all of this
Or maybe he is wondering what his hair is doing…

We are all excited to do a homemade Christmas next year. I have a whole year to think of something to make for my person. Anyone want to take bets on whether I will start it before December 2008?
I am feeling a tad sarcastic this morning.
I am wearing one of Grandpa Roe’s sweaters this morning. Maybe I am channeling a little of his silliness.


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