look at us…look at us!

So here are the first attempts at books. Very simple, but boy what fun! The girls were very excited by the project and worked very quietly and with much concentration after I sat with them to get started. Both came up with very in-depth ideas for the storyline. It was a treat to hear where their imagination would take them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ella’s giraffe on the cover. The other lovely part was watching Ella help Molly draw flowers and give her help with what a rabbit looked like. Overall-I look forward to working on more books with the girls. I have read them over and over and each them they make me smile.
the books
And yes my girl is wearing Big Girl Underwear! After a couple self initiated attempts at the potty-we have jumped in with both feet-right into polka dot undies. We have had countless accidents but we have also had some successes. Most of all she is really happy about the whole thing, which I knew would come, but man-it was really tough waiting for it. And man would you look at those knobby knees!
in her  big girl pants
Molly took this of Ella and I. We had all just finished working out. Somehow they always get through their workout much faster than me. AND they can do like 13 pushups and I can only do 5. But I kick their butts in the sit-up department.
mom and ella
We had a nice night today. One of our favorite episodes of Little Bear and we are off to read Pippi Longstocking. Tonight she hangs out with the Gypsies. Ella is scared of the gypsies and wondered if they are in Maine. I told her they are only in Europe. Silly me-then she asked if we would ever go to Europe and I said, OH SURE! I don’t WANT to go to Europe-she moaned. Oh well, hopefully by the time we go she will have forgotten all about the gypsies. One can only hope.


4 thoughts on “look at us…look at us!

  1. I’m glad you didn’t tell Ella we actually acquired her from gypsies in a trade for lobsters. for real though, i wish i was there. can’t wait for this awful stretch of work to be over.

  2. the roe clan says:

    yeah – yahooo – WAY TO BE LITTLE MOLLY – MOO! we are so happy for you.

    and the books, they are precious. i to LOVE the giraffe. real talent there!

    and the post work out pic – i love it. it made me smile.

  3. meme says:

    Way to go Molly! No pun intended…
    I’m sure that those knees came from the Nason side of the fam, so cute!Play a slide show of Christmas at night- better than TV could ever be, in my book.

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