So far 2008, can stay.

Despite the lack of Steve sightings, as of late, and sick kids, 2008 ain’t been so bad. Work was easy with a two day work week. However, now that I think of it-even work was blah especially as the departure of my soulmate, at work, lurks closer and closer. Can’t the baby wait until June? Okay, so for the most part, 2008 kind of blah. But I am optimistic that it will get better.
Here is somethings for me to look forward to…
This is the pattern I have chosen for my sewing class I start on Jan. 20th. It is this layered skirt, an a-line skirt, and an apron overlay. I think I am going to do the A-line skirt. But then I just saw this really pretty top over at Amy Butler and I want to do that too. I hope I am good at this sewing thing. And when Steve has a day off or two, we are going to get an area set up for me upstairs. My own space…sigh…

I also re-discovered this website. is a great source for good things. I am going to get the girls a couple of the bottles-no more poland spring plastic bottles for Ella’s lunch and a couple of the lunch kits for Steve-o and Ella. NO more plastic zip loc bags. Good stuff.

The girls and I are off to the pool to do some swimming and then to the Grocery Store. Then this afternoon we are going to start writing a book. 🙂 I will keep you posted. I am going to ignore the pile of laundry in the tv area for a few more hours.


4 thoughts on “So far 2008, can stay.

  1. I am all for ignoring the laundry. I am ignoring the boxes of Christmas that need to be moved to the attic. I’m also ignoring the kitchen floor.
    I am sure you will be good at the sewing…I’m still hoping to do the Feb. 16th one- what do you think?

  2. a-dawgs says:

    Huh, ignoring mount laundry? Weird…thats going on over here too. Our mothers taught us well. Or not. I should also unpack sometime this 2008…and shower…and eat…

  3. the roe clan says:

    even more ignoring going on over here in asheville. how about that! when kate started school we picked up one of the SIGG kids bottle and “huggie” has been our favorite. our little chewer has done a number on the pop top however. your site suggestion if great.

    molly feeling better? hope so!

  4. barngirl says:

    Well, ladies it is 7:49 and the pile is still there and thanks to you, I feel no guilt-none. So Thank You! I will, however, fold it before I go to bed and PRESS all the wrinkles out with my hands. 🙂

    Good to know about the bottles-Sarah-
    I am on for the 16th, Lori-we should sign up soon.
    Mount Laundry never disappears completely it is just sometimes hidden in the clouds!

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