When did it turn 2008??? I think I missed that.

the fam at the aquarium

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So here we are in Charleston, SC. We finished off this year with a whiz bang trip down south and then a flood of time with all the Nasons. So here we are in 2008. Steve and I rang in the New Year by falling asleep at 10:00 p.m. YEE HAW! Aren’t we a pair? Aren’t we unbelievable? We did have dinner with one of our most favorite people, Tim Hall. Tim, was the owner and chef of Flynn’s. We became friends with him when we spent many mornings eating his food and drinking his coffee while we were building our house. Flynn’s was a special place. We became friendly with many people in the community through that restaurant and people would spend time there socializing and connecting. Sadly, Flynn’s was sold and Tim moved West with the lovely and talented, Aja. We are just happy to know that some day he and his soon-to-be wife will be returning to the right coast. With that being said, I think I am most looking forward to the fact that they are getting married on 8-8-08 in the Pacific Northwest and if we can swing it…Steve and I will be out there to celebrate with them and have a little vacation sans kiddos. One of the places on my must visit list and a vacation sans kiddos is on my must do list.

Things I loved about 2007

Our summer! What a great summer we had!
Getting to see all my college friends at a wedding. Must see them again soon.
Ella starting school and loving it.
Molly moving out of the terrible 2s. And becoming this funny, beautiful little person.
Our new friends in North Berwick that are beginning to feel like old friends very quickly.
Phil and Sri came back home.
Discovering and being discoverd by CoKane. What would I do without her blog?
Sound of Music in Prescott Park.
Angry Chicken-Seriously.
The Office.
The Breast Cancer 3-Day
New Administration at work.
And Walk the Line (did that come out in 2007? I know I watched it 100 times in 2007)

My Resolutions

1) Sew
2) Get stronger physically!
3) Provide my kids with more awesome opportunities and experiences.
4) Have some more time with my husband one on one.

The best thing about a new year-new opportunities-new chances-time to do things differently. Not drastic just different.


9 thoughts on “When did it turn 2008??? I think I missed that.

  1. pedro says:

    um, beth, what wedding did we see each other at? or was I not invited? (perry was nov. ’06) otherwise, yes, must see each other again soon……..

  2. meme says:

    Great review,Bethers.
    One small change:
    Ditch #3 on your list of resolutions (you already DO that)
    Henceforth freeing up the time for resolution #4. Steve-0,
    you are so worth it man!
    Lave all ya…..

  3. barngirl says:

    HA! That’s funny! But in all fairness to my brain it was about a YEAR ago that I saw you guys.

    AND yes…we must see each other soon.

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