How much Christmas can you pack in one weekend?

As much as you want! And we went crazy with Christmas this weekend! On the way home Saturday morning we got our tree. Sunday was decorating, christmas cookie making and the Nutcracker!

Here is Ella working the good sister angle with Santa Claus. He must have noticed that kindness.
What a good sis
We ALMOST got this one…
this one?

We looked this one over…
OR this one

But instead we dragged this one away to our car and home.
No this one

Here is Ella’s 2.50 Target tree that she decorated with ornaments we found in a box. Very proud of herself or maybe she is excited because we are getting ready to leave to go see the New England Ballet Company perform The Nutcracker at the high school with her bud, her love, Chloe. And, of course, Miss Natalie.
Ella's Tree

Chloe and Ella

The two of them sat in the same chair and during the scary parts, ie the rats, they hugged each other. It was very sweet. And during intermission they played the Nutcracker Game, acting out scenes from the ballet.

the girls

That is some sweetness right there!
What a good weekend!


3 thoughts on “How much Christmas can you pack in one weekend?

  1. ally says:

    Hahahahaa, Steve has the awesomest facial expressions. I look forward to seeing you guys in SC in 10ish days. PS, dont be scared of the rats, Ella, they are sweet little furry creatures who have cute little noses:)

  2. so jello of the snow and the christmasy times.
    i saw a book on amazon & thought of y’all– the daring book for girls, i think it’s called? have you seen this?

  3. barngirl says:

    Cokane-I have heard about the book. Didn’t know it was out yet. That will be a good one to have around. Thanks for the heads up!

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