The Magic, the Mystery and More…

On Thursday afternoon I picked Ella up from school and on our way out of the parking lot I shared with her that the next day we were going to go on a special trip-an adventure. “I hope we are NOT going on the Polar Express!” Insert needle sliding off an album sound here. “What are you talking about?” I asked her. “I don’t want to go on the Polar Express. Lauren went on the Polar Express and it sounds scary.” Insert dramatic crying scene here when I tell her that we ARE, in fact, going on the Polar Express. “I don’t want to go to the North Pole. Will we come home? What if the train goes off the side of the mountain!” Sobbing continues. This is a parent moment that leaves you speechless for a moment. It is the COMPLETE opposite reaction you would expect. It happens from time to time and it is always a complet and utter shock. You are never really sure what do with those moments. Well, I broke it down for her. And in 5 minutes or so, she was onboard with the idea and no longer sobbing.

Fast forward to Friday afternoon and we are checked into our somewhat cagey-but conveniently spaced, with a kitchen included hotel room. The jammies are on and we are all pretty pumped because it has started to snow. No better weather for visiting the North Pole.

love in jammies

Even the grown ups got into it and wore our jammies.

mom and dad

And from the Hotel we headed over to the Train Station.

NC Train Station

And let me tell you that the minute I saw the train station, I started to laugh and cry. I am an emotional dork about some things and I was an emotional dork from minute one of this trip. But seriously, we pulled up and there were people everywhere dressed in jammies and waiting to get on the train. People in old fashioned capes with lanterns greeted us as we got out of the van. The tears started flowing again.


From then on it was just MAGICAL! We had one of the most fabulous nights we have had as a family. Two minutes into the ride, Ella turned to me and said, “trains aren’t so bad after all, Mommy.” Yep, I cried again. The kids were wide-eyed the whole time from the chefs delivering hot chocolate and candies with “nougat as white as snow.” to Jem the Elf who walked us up the hill and path to Santa’s workshop to the story being read to Santa, himself, arriving to visit and stopping in front of Molly and patting her head, giving her some reindeer food, saying “If you see my reindeer give them a little treat.” and to the ride back when they got their very own silver reindeer bell. WHAT A NIGHT! Don’t tell, but I think I even saw Steve get a little tear-y a couple times. It was that kind of night.
very excited

the chefs

the girls

the elves

Our Elf, Gem.

jem our elf

This isn’t the best picture, but it is the train at the bottom of the hill we climbed to get to the North Pole.

The train from the hill

The Man

Molly after Santa came to visit. Total Amazement!

Ella and her reindeer food from santa

Happy Molly

Silver Reindeer Bells

Back at the hotel room some popcorn and Frosty the Snowman.

Popcorn and Frosty

Two Happy Little Girls! Probably dreaming very happy dreams!

Tired Bean and Moo

Today at breakfast, Ella looked at me and said-“Mommy, last night we went all the way to the North Pole, very real, for true.” Yes, We did Ella!


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