The weekend is over, but here comes the snow…

Friday night seems so long ago. I was so anxiously awaiting the weekend and now it is over in a flash. As we were sitting around Friday night after some delivered pizza, the phone rang, and my bud, Megan said-Beau will watch the kids if you want to go to the Maine Women’s Craft Fair with me? It took me 3.5 seconds to get them in the car and down the driveway. What a treat! The kids played happily and Megan and I dashed off for an hour or so of grownup time. I don’t know what was faster? Me getting the kids in the car or me talking to Megan on the way to South Berwick in her car. We both stopped to take a deep breath as we walked into the show. Getting back to their house, I think the kids worked as quickly at making a total disaster area of their house. But I think we all had fun!

Saturday was errand day. Library first! Our librarians spoiled us with rice krispie treats and hot chocolate while the girls made paper christmas trees and picked out EVERY Christmas book possible. Then Target for too many things-but fun things, Lunch at Applebee’s. Steve can not understand our love for Applebee’s. I can’t say that I really understand our love for Applebee’s. But love it we do…I am not proud of that love…please don’t judge me too harshly. Rounded off the errands with the Grocery Store and went home to get ready for an evening with the Randalls.

Sunday came bright and early. Ella’s friend, Lauren came over in the morning and the girls played many rousing games of Santa’s Elves and the Parent Trap game. The Parent Trap game is recorded in the pictures below. The girls re-do the scene where the cabin gets trashed by the other girls and then they wake up and start screaming…They played that OVER and OVER. Molly, especially, loved that game. Is that just a pile of toys…NO, it’s the Parent Trap Game.



After that we all ran off to Aunt Lori’s and Charlotte’s house to make ornaments and have dinner. A great way to finish off the weekend. The girls decorate for about 15 minutes. Lori and Beth-an hour or more?! Lots of fun supplies from Aunt Lori! We were lucky to be able to join them. The pic of Oreo is really just a bonus.

Now I am just banking on the 100% chance of precipitation that we will have a snow day tomorrow. Make pancakes, stay in our jammies, drive each other crazy…it will be awesome!


2 thoughts on “The weekend is over, but here comes the snow…

  1. MM says:

    So who spends more time on the potty seat: Molly or Oreo?
    Looks like you are having a wonderful snow day. Wish I was there to share it with you:>(
    Love & hugs,

  2. barngirl says:

    Oh Oreo for sure! But I am happy to report that Molly has ASKED me twice in the past day to SIT on the throne.
    We are back moving in the right direction.
    Great day and it would only be better if you were here! We miss you TOO!

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