SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We woke up this morning to a heavy covering of snow which made all of us very happy. Ella is experiencing the magic of her very FIRST snow day. We were very busy this morning.
Oreo's first snow
Oreo experienced his first snow walk. A little skeptical at first, he was soon out bouncing around. By the time he came to the door to go in, he was three times his size and very wet.
Snow Angels are fun?
Molly and Ella made snow angels…Doesn’t that look like she is having fun?! The snow in her face was freaking her out a bit, but it didn’t stop her.
And finally because we miss him so much…we made a snow daddy. All before 9:00 in the morning. Nice way to start the day.
But it wouldn’t be a snow day without Hot Cocoa and cookies that Aunt Lori made us. A perfect treat for a perfectly wonderful day.
We will make some bread today to top it all off. And Ella and I have vowed to stay in our jammies all day. I don’t think that will be hard. Molly on the other hand has already changed. Off to play…more later!


5 thoughts on “SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. barngirl says:

    NOOOOO! But I wish she was! Man I LOVED my freezie freakies! Do they still make them????

    PEDRO! I loved those pictures. Sienna is getting so big. And especially cute.

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