Crazed Mother Chases School Bus


Yesterday afternoon, I got home before Ella got off the school bus. I was tooling around the yard picking up rotten pumpkins, throwing away our sad looking scarecrow, putting stuff away in the shed when I heard the bus coming up the road. I started walking quickly to the end of our driveway. I was confident that I would get to the end before the bus got there. It occurred to me, however, that by the sound of it, the bus was NOT slowing down. And in a flash I saw the bus approach our driveway and fly on by. The whole thing made worse by the sight of Ella looking out the window and seeing me and registering that the bus was NOT stopping. EGADS!

AND what did I do? What any rational, calm, mother would do…I took off running down the road SCREAMING at the bus to stop. I think my exact words were, “HEY, STOP!” Which it finally did and turned around to bring me my kid. She even tried to pin it on me by telling me I wasn’t out there. Oh no, Honey-you flew by my house, I said. She then admitted she forgot Ella was on there until kids started yelling-“YOU FORGOT ELLA”. God bless you children. So we got a short ride back to the driveway and needless to say…Ella would like me to pick her up today.


10 thoughts on “Crazed Mother Chases School Bus

  1. I would have reacted completely the same way….except I would probably also have cried and thrown something at the bus. Gotta love Ella- hopefully she’ll be okay with the bus ride home by Monday!

  2. Jen says:

    Oh my god. Tell Ella she’s lucky to have you as a mom. When I was in kindergarten my neighbor and I were the last kids dropped off from our bus and we were quite the mousy pair. One day, the driver forgot to drop us off. He was old and deaf and this was back in the day when parents didn’t wait outside for their kids, so no one ran screaming after the bus. We ended up at the bus garage with him!!!! Can you believe that?! No one was there to yell, You forgot Jen and Jason! And we were too clueless and then freaked out to say anything! He could have sold us on the black market! So, tell Ella she’s not the first kid to be not-dropped-off! At least she didn’t get a bonus field trip out of the ordeal!

  3. barngirl says:

    Lori-throwing something…why didn’t I think of that?
    Jen-that is a crazy story. but not so crazy because that is where my brain was flashing to as i was running madly up the hill.
    Pete-the NoBo train doesn’t go out that far in the woods. But we will be visiting you with kids so they can experience that madness…be ready.

  4. Wow! I can’t believe the bus driver tried to blame you!!!

    For some reason, this made me think of the time my parents were an hour late to pick me up from a middle school dance at our church. My dad, a volunteer fireman, was out on a call and my mom either fell asleep or forgot about me. Luckily, there were a couple of other kids with similarly absent parents there to keep me company until my dad noticed me as he was returning to the fire house. He ran up a few minutes later, still wearing his helmet and coat.

  5. ally says:

    I know this will illicit the same reply that pete got, which is “when you have kids we’ll see”, but I have to comment on this craziness. I got forgotten on the bus once, but its not like they wont figure it out, eventually they get it together and bring you back. Although the whole staying on the bus with a bunch of crazy Sackets Harbor hicks wasn’t fun its not like good old “bertha” or whatever her name was going to kidnap me ;P

  6. barngirl says:

    Ally-first that wasn’t the response I gave Pete. I was telling him that we were descending on him in NYC and just he wait until we did that.
    And second, correct me if I am mistaken, but weren’t you in middle school when you were in Sackets?
    And C, the whole point of the post was to mock my craziness about her forgetting my kid.
    AND maybe you won’t be crazy about your kid getting left on the bus…but that was my response.

  7. barngirl says:

    Therese-that is a good story. I showed a video to kids today about Organization, blah blah and one kid forgets to pick up his brother…so I asked the kids if anyone has been forgotten before and like 1/2 of them raised their hands. So funny.

  8. the roe clan says:

    i love this post. NOT the scary content matter but the visual i have in my head. that of you – running down the middle of the road chasing the BUS – SCREAMING!!! is there anything a mother won’t do for her child.

    i would have died!

    can’t wait to see pics of the polar express. come on whre are they? you should be home by now!! :>)

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