He has gone and left us again


This crummy team has taken him from us again.  He just called from a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale where he will spend the night and then they are off to Miami after the game tomorrow night.  Then up to Tampa, Long Island, New Jersey and Back to Boston.  We won’t see him again until Friday.  It will go fast though, I am sure.  We will keep busy.  So it will seem not so bad. Though I do miss him terribly.

Next Friday we will be rewarding ourselves with a trip to North Conway, NH and a ride on the Polar Express.  Every Christmas time, the Mt. Washington Rail Way has a ride on its trains to the North Pole.  Everyone on the train wears their pajamas and Elves serve us hot chocolate.  We ride up the mountain to hear Santa read the Polar Express and all the kids get silver reindeer bells.  Should be fun.  We have been reading the Polar Express in preparation.  The kids don’t know about it yet though.

So I am happy to report that I found a woman at work who sews and can help show me how to do the 2 step binding on my aprons.   So tonight after the girls go to bed I am going to cut my towels.  And tomorrow she will show me how pin and sew.  I will be pumping these things out non-stop.

Angry Chicken also had a fun idea for making books…may have to do that for stocking stuffers.  VERY CUTE.   I do love that blog.

Happy Hump Day!  Only 2 days until the weekend.  And we all know “everybody’s workin’ for the weekend.”  Is that how the song goes? What ever happened to the hip fashion style of the multiple bandanas and leather outfit…


9 thoughts on “He has gone and left us again

  1. Aww. The crafting should help relax you while he’s away. Not to mention the Polar Express. I may be back in time here in some ways; you guys are too! In comfy cozy ways, it seems from afar.

  2. I think “crummy team” is a bit harsh. They are actually very friendly and have been playing above expectations. Plus, I get to say “Hi” to Cam Neely, “Sea Bass” from Dumb and Dumber for those of you not up on hockey greats.
    I miss you terribly too.

  3. the roe clan says:

    i feel you pain sister. wish i were there so you and could cuddle again! can’t wait to see what you’ve been sewing. i’ve mentioned to santa that i’d SURE like a sewing machine of my own. we shall see…

  4. Jen says:

    I do not understand how you can live without your huz for days at a time! And have you gotten tix for the Polar Express? Whoa! I always thought they were sold out months in advance. You are so good!

  5. barngirl says:

    Maine man-they are crummy because they take you from me…they are not crummy as a whole.
    Cokane-i haven’t crafted anything yet…it is still sitting in the bag. I am getting closer to the actual production however, root for me.
    Roe clan-ME Too! and as I said to cokane…i haven’t sewn nothin’ yet.
    JEN, my dear, don’t you know me better than that??? Some one else ordered them and couldn’t use them and offered them to us. Don’t you know that is how I roll?

  6. Terry says:

    Don’t worry Beth I kept an eye on him down here in Long Island, he was itching to get home to you guys!!!
    See ya in the Spring…

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