Are you a….


Last night, we did our second night of craftiness.  Christmastime a year ago, it started with a cookie swap, 4 of us got together and swapped cookies and I attempted to teach us how to play Mah Jong.  And…we drank wine.  Though Mah Jong did not go over so well, we did have fun and decided to gather again, but this time bringing a crafty thing that we are working on or want to work on to share.  Fast forward one year and we FINALLY got our acts together and had our second night.

My friends, Megan and Deb and my sister-in-law Lori and I, all gathered at Megan’s house to share our projects.  And…to drink wine.  2 and a half hours flew by too quickly and we all marveled over Lori’s knitting skills and gorgeous project books.  I don’t need to knit, I just need someone to knit for me…Lori.  Deb brought her bead store with her. Seriously, she has soooo many beads.  She is making jewelry for Christmas presents.  I took along my apron project that I have yet to start and still didn’t start last night, but it sure sounds like a cool project.  But overall, we just talked.  And…drank wine.

So, this is bringing me to the topic of being a crafty lady.  I have been enjoying this blog, Angry Chicken, lately.  But I have to say, it makes me feel a tad inadequate.  This woman has three kids, one of them an infant, wrote a book on sewing, is on different crafty shows, and does all these awesome crafty projects while NURSING.  Guys and Gals, I am lucky if I get my hair blown dry in the morning!!!  But the problem is I really WANT to make that Holiday Penny Rug and be creative and sew my kids adorable dresses.  Sigh.

The truth is I want to be a Craft Lady.


3 thoughts on “Are you a….

  1. I can read books too…although possibly not promptly. I do enjoy the craftiness and have not (yet) learned to knit while reading. Your aprons have me thinking two things: 1. perhaps I might need a sewing project and 2. I need to make something for the Lou for Christmas. How cool is it to get a gift that your mama made?

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