Christmas Tree Lighting Festival

Our little town has an annual Christmas tree Lighting Festival every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Every year since Ella was a baby we have attended. And it is a sweet, little festival. Perfect for families. This year it included running into many people and families that we have met recently and known for a few years. And ended with pizza at the Lambert’s. In between was music, wagon rides, Santa Claus, Gingerbread Houses and cookies. In other words, tons o’ fun!!!!
One of the cutest kids I know…just look at him…so cute…The pile of pizza…yep she ate every bite…
Inside the American Legion-judging the gingerbread houses…lots of creative people out there.
The girls…
Trying to stay warm and singing Christmas Carols.
Yum! Pizza!

Watching the Primary school Band…
On the wagon ride…Molly declares horses are stinky.
The one we voted for…the creators were friends and come on-it is Fenway.
The winning house…
Being shy
The mailbox Deb and I made last year…made it to this year. We were so proud.
Brave Jack tells Santa his Christmas Wish
The primary school band…


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