Thanksgiving and the Gangs All Here!

We had a great Thanksgiving with the Nasons, Swensons and Randalls. 16 people when all said and done and 2 cats. Lots of cooks brought together a fabulous dinner. A turkey in the oven and a turkey in a trash can. Lots of yummy desserts. Some guitar hero, and laughs. Ella was tired all day, and after 5 pieces of Deb’s pumpkin bread and 2 pieces of pie she was ready for bed. Molly moved on through the day without a nap. She ran and cried and yelled and laughed and played with her buddies Jack and Charlotte. Overall, another Happy Holiday. And with the G and G clean up crew, I woke up to a clean kitchen in the morning. Happiness IS! Let the Holiday Season Begin.
Here is to hoping we were all able to make it through Black Friday and bought NOTHING! Tomorrow on the other hand…teehee! Just kidding-maybe just a hit at Jo-Ann Fabrics and the grocery store. Got to get that sewing machine moving. Christmas Time is coming.


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