36 is AWESOME!

Well my birthday weekend was fan-tab-ulous!!! The love was felt from all corners of the country. From the South, from the North, from the West…lots of love. But most of all the Love was felt right here at home. The planets were aligned and Steve did not have to work at all this weekend. So we had a whole weekend together which is a great gift in and of itself. We went to the Works and spent the afternoon bumming around the house on Saturday. The Towers came over that night and baby-sat the girls so we could go do a little Christmas shopping and go out to dinner.

The Christmas shopping was some of the best Christmas Shopping I have ever done. We went to this lovely shop in S. Berwick, The Little Hat Co. Check out their website. You can even order on-line. She was running awesome sales on all Melissa and Doug products-buy two get one free…we bought more then two and get many free. PLUS the Easel which was normally 44.99 we got for 35 dollars. The kicker was how happy everyone in the store was that we were shopping there. That is the kind of shopping I get happy about. They even wrapped most of the items. Steve and I were giggling when we left. Dinner at Flatbread Pizza wrapped the evening up perfectly in a nice Birthday bow.

Sunday I got to sleep in and then Steve made me French Toast for breakfast. My loving family revealed my birthday present-A NEW SEWING MACHINE!!! I can’t even tell you how happy that made me. We got it up and running last night-small victory-and I even made the girls a couple beanbags. Their excitement about homemade toys was so fun to see. Ella is already asking for her very own fabric doll. That will remain to be seen, but definitely think I can tackle a dishtowel Apron pattern I found on-line. So much fun.

To all my friends and family, who called, sent cards and especially the love and happiness that I am in this world-THANK YOU! I felt like one lucky lady all weekend.

Steve asked me at dinner how it felt to be turning 36-closer to 40 than 30. Really I couldn’t ask for anything more. If I have to be 36, if I have to get older…it is okay because I am in such a good place. I love my life. Plus-Sri told me 40 is the “new 30”. SOOOOOO really I am 26.

Seriously 36 rocks-I feel I am getting better with age!


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