Happy Birthday Lovely Friend!

I don’t see you enough. But I hear your laugh when I see something funny that I know we would both laugh at. I think of you and all the things that you inspire me to be better at-even now-even when I don’t see you everyday. Not like when “what are you doing tonight?” “I don’t know, hanging out with you?”
I hope that you have a Happy, Happy Birthday-Know that my life is better having you in it! Even if it is just a smidgen…
You are Lovely! Thanks for being BORN!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lovely Friend!

  1. Barngirl says:

    Yeah-that is kind of too close to home. Have you seen our van lately??? Though more likely it would be a mouse and I actually think we had a mouse die in our heating system one winter because when I turned the heat on the girls and I were bombarded with the most awful smell. It was a topic of conversation for weeks.

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