What is a grissini anyway?

Steve and I went out to dinner last night with a friend of mine from work and her husband. We went for, yet another, fabulous dinner at Grissini’s in Kennebunk’s Lower Village.

Check out their website
You will be salivating while reading their menu and looking at their food.

Needless to say a night away from parenting is always a pleasure. We are happy to have found another babysitter. Our other h.s. babysitter is now in Brazil or somewhere in South America for a year. Good for her, bah for us. But this young woman is a friend of our last awesome young woman and Molly and Ella actually seem to look forward to her arrival.

We met up with the Fabulous Towers at the restaurant. Tasha teaches 7th grade LA at LMS and Don is a med student at UNE. Good conversation was had. Adult conversations that centered on current affairs, jobs, skin diseases and The Office (of course). What an extreme pleasure.

And isn’t a grissini a bread stick???

In other news, I think I am allowed to report on this, Phil and Sri are coming home!
As of Thanksgiving, they will officially be back in New England. We will be happy to have them. That is good news!

I have not done much of anything today. I ordered a Turkey, bought some fresh picked, local cranberries for the relish, and made Pot Roast.
The Randalls may come over for dinner, but other than that I have to go pick up my clothes that are strewn all over my room.

I hope you have all enjoyed your Vetern’s Day!


5 thoughts on “What is a grissini anyway?

  1. the roe family says:

    i wish i could say the same. i was almost in tears – AGAIN today. beating my stupid printer that seemed to jam endlessley as i tried to get out notes printed and mailed…
    did you hear me screaming?

  2. Colleen says:

    I already heard in my comments and am so jealous. How about if I come and be your guys’ wacky neighbor who is always getting into mixups?

  3. Barngirl says:

    Jules..I am not near Searsport, but if I ever am…I will check that out.

    Colleen-I will happily roll my eyes at you while the laugh track rolls, anyday. Come on up!

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