Our weekend…we were supposed to lay low

We had plans to do not much of anything. Somehow, we became very busy, but not busy in a bad way. Saturday morning the girls and I got up and did a morning at the Works. Just when we were about to leave the pool, the Momenees showed up. We ended up kidnapping Ella’s bud, Maddie for lunch and the afternoon. That night we went over to the Lambert’s for dinner. Always so much fun to be had with the Lamberts. A great, simple dinner with lots of laughs. And the kids played and giggled and played until they were weary with sleepiness.
Sunday morning started with pancakes with Steve before he headed to Boston and we headed to Falmouth for a birthday party. See pics below…
The big news of my weekend-and this will show you how small my world has become-I have a NEW grocery story. Last night Megan shared that they shop at Market Basket. I have never shopped there…Shaw’s has been our grocery of choice. Both Beau and Megan swore I would see significant saving. Well, today the girls and I tried it out. We found all of our regular brands-for the most part. AND I was giddy when I saved approximately FORTY DOLLARS at check out. I swear I was giddy. But when you think about it that is 160 dollars a month, almost 2000 dollars a year I will save by shopping there. That is at least an extra mortgage payment. See I am still giddy.
AND then the capper. When the girls and I got home, there was a gift bag waiting for us at our door. Our friends down the road just had a baby-Jonah-and they gave us a gift! A bottle of wine and a couple cigars. We did give them our changing table and a shirt, but come on-I think we got a good deal. I did a lot of cleaning this afternoon and the girls have been playing nicely with each other. I even got Molly to sit on the potty twice. Nothing happened but HEY she sat on it. Baby Steps! Now Ella is doing somersaults over and over on the cushion on the floor and Molly is doing a puzzle and I am blogging to you all. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

Don’t tell me about the horrors of ball pits…she was having so much fun…

Grumpy Mishka became screaming happy Mishka when the bubbles came out.
Molly thought that was pretty awesome.
Drew, the birthday boy!
My girl likes her cupcakes even if they have disgusting blue icing.


7 thoughts on “Our weekend…we were supposed to lay low

  1. The Iron Squirrel says:

    Aw man, I’ve always wanted to play in a giant ball pit. So lucky, oh so lucky. By the way, I haven’t heard “Market Basket” since I left NH. I miss the Market Basket! I miss saying I needed to hit up Market Basket!

  2. Meme says:

    I think the Iron Squirrel needs to return to the Best Coast….
    Love that tongue action-sez it all. Glad you had a fun weekend. Grandpa is sick so ours was pretty quiet except for the hacking cough.

  3. Barngirl says:

    Meme, I second that emotion. Ally we could hit up the Market Basket together-saving bundles, together. I was never allowed in the ball pits…because I was always too tall for them. At least that is how I remember it.

  4. Sri says:

    Hey, remember when we told you we shop at MB in Somerville and you said “you shop THERE???”
    How do ya suppose we saved money? Glad you discovered it. Great pics of the girlies…

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