Natalie’s Halloween Birthday Party

One of Ella’s good friend’s birthday is on Halloween. The girls had fun trick or treating door to door in their house, hunting for pumpkins, and eating spider cupcakes. I was sick and tired. And Steve was just tired. But good fun, despite the tiredness.

Don’t the kids look a little nervous? Wouldn’t you be? Natalie asked Deb why Steve was still wearing his robe. Silly Natalie…it’s his WIZARD ROBE! John Randall is one of my favorite people to look at. True New Englander, accent and all. He looks just like the fish stick fisherman.
She loves her skittles, Folks.
Ummmm, excuse me Misters, have you seen Natalie or Ella?



4 thoughts on “Natalie’s Halloween Birthday Party

  1. Meme says:

    You win, Beth, those glasses are so you!
    Looks like Nat’s party was a blast. Did the kidz think Steve was dressed as a pediphile??
    He looked like a wizard to me…

  2. The Iron Squirrel says:

    heh heh heh you look precious, Beth. And Steve’s costume is great…how comfy! I think next year I am going to be something pretty, like a princess, the kids have inspired me!

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