Oreo Cookie Nason

For a couple months now we talked about getting a dog to add to our family. We ultimately nixed that idea. We are not totally crazy! Just partially crazy-the girls and I with Steve’s consent headed to downtown North Berwick to Another Chance Animal Rescue. Bunches of kitties available to love. All of them rescued. Oddly enough all of the kitties were either Black or had orange in them. Dressed for the season. This little fellow was named Marco Polo, but with his little bit of white on his chest and neck-we renamed him quickly to one of our favorite desserts-Oreo Cookie! He is settling in nicely. Meepers is oblivious so far. I hope that introduction goes smoothly. Otherwise-meet our newest member!


3 thoughts on “Oreo Cookie Nason

  1. The Iron Squirrel says:

    THAT is SO cute!!!!!! I cant believe you were able to get a black kitty in the month of october! Is she/he from a friendly neighborhood batch of kitties? I love the name- did Ella come up with it?

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