It was a cold cold morning…nothing a “bub” couldn’t fix.We have reached the end! It is a good feeling…
The Walker Stalkers! They were everywhere, at every pit stop, along the route-cheering, honking. We loved them!
Heather and Sarah. Heather has made Asheville that much better for Sarah!
Beth and Beth. I have never met I didn’t like.
Did I mention it was cold in the morning?
A little cheer as we entered lunch Day 2.
Everybody L-I-M-B-O!
Super Motorcycle Crew Man! Love the Socks and man does he love his wife! We loved him!
Angel-love her!
A little gatorade for your octoberfest—really that was just mean.
End of Day 1-The clowns were being very difficult! But we finally got the picture!

The view from our tent.

Some dudes cheering us on. Loved the wings.
That one is for you Kelly!
More of the awesome Motorcycle Crew.


5 thoughts on “

  1. Kelly Elizabeth says:

    I have such envy of you guys.. you did an awesome thing Bethers and Sarah… AWESOME thing..

    I gave a couple million to that college.. it is nice they recognized me with a piece of cardboard.

  2. Sri says:

    Man! That looks like a lot of fun-seriously. All that walking…I’m going to have to be a part of this next year!
    Thanks for all the pics.

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